Director : Chuck Walker

Release Date :

Genre : Action

Cast : (in credits order), Lauren C. Mayhew as Cheree Davenport, Chuck Walker as Slammin Sammy Landers, Chuck Houston as Mark Benson, Chrissy Hajovsky as Sonya, Yankie Grant as Louise Benson, George Cisneros as Larry, Shawn Gourley as SWAT Seargent, Tyler Forner as Desk Seargent, Alan Berkowitz as Quenton Danforth, Eleese Lester as Therapist, Montgomery Wade as Oat, Tim Glenn Turbeville as Neat, Joe Grisaffi as Leon, Kenneth Andrews as Timmy, J.D. Hearn as Jeff, L.A. Young as Butler, Renee Edd as Sheila, Fabrizia Faustinella as Doctor, Sam Shipp as Big Jake, Dweeb Medlar as Mayor, Cliff Childress as Thug #1 in Bar, Zach Hickson as Thug #2 in Theater, A.J. Alderete as Undercover Cop, Raymond Williams as Mayors Lover, Dana Sparks as Small Bar Patron #1, Melrose Fougere as Small Bar Patron #2, Claudia Childress as Bar Patron #1, Beverly Smythe as Bar Patron #2, Charlie Gilmore as Bartender, Sam Cable as Bar Patron #3 Samson Taylor as CSI Officer

Plot : Ex-Pro fighter Slammin Sammy Landers is at the present a veteran semi-rogue cop who is not scared to mongrel the line… |

Country : USA

Language : English

Company : Triangle Productions

Plot Summary : Ex-Pro fighter Slammin Sammy Landers is nowadays a veteran semi-rogue cop who is not frightened to hybrid the line. So, while aberrant billionaire Quenton Danforth affords him fifty splendid to make of as anyhow as come again his grown daughter, he keenly accepts. It looks that daughter, Cheree is performing her road across the controversial Whiskey Bay swamp plus her lady lover, hopeful to run off the controlling father by crossing the Texas-Louisiana borders. But Sammy doesnt fathom hes near to turn into called for inside a friendliness triangle related to two girls, a woman as anyhow as a twenty-five million dollar agree with fund that they will do anything to claim. And anything is a common long period of time which entails treachery, deceit, murder as anyhow as also crumpling love.

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