Director : Nick Smith

Release Date :

Genre : Action

Cast : (in credits order), R.W. Smith as John Dance, Trevor Erickson as Max Taylor, Michael Easler as Henry Walsh, Bettina Beard as Aida Martel, Jimmy Hager as Coleman, Daniel Jones as General Gregory Lodon, Nat Jones as Councilor Robert Perry, Tom Lucas as Bud Filoux, Charlie Thiel as Vic Strick, Sandra W. Van Natta as Rebecca Dance, John Brennan as Paul Coyle Jeff Albertson as Security Chief, Sasha Azevedo as Hostage, Jon Ballard as Orderly, Karl Bunch as Maintenance Man, James Burns as Sniper, Bernard Caraviello Jr. as Orderly, J.C. Conway as Terence Faulkner, Jason Darby as Guard, Chirie Dautel as Dr. Hudson, Brian De Costa as Nate Thompson – Orderly, Chris Drake as Guard, Ashley Epps-Towns as Guard, Roark Ferguson as Duane Skull Sansano, Mike Ferrer as Duncan Gaines, Richard L. Fister, Jason Fiutem as Brian Sokol, Ashley Flowers as Reporter, Moses D. Gardner III as Guard, Anthony Garner as Terrorist, Christopher Gay as Matthius Winter, Michael D. Goodwin as Security Guard, Craig Hadley as Colonel Hardin, C. Michael Haynes as Futurist 2, Robbin Knight as Edwin Saleen, Arlene Lagos as Hostage, Stephen Lagos as Terrorist, Chase Lynch as Neighbor, Chris Maxey as Inmate on the Yard, Mark Mulder as Chechnya kid, Patrick Pelletier as Ulco Clowes – orderly, Marlo Scheitler as Navy Officer / Hostage, Steven Spencer as Anderson, Ron Stafford as Orderly, Eddie Sturgeon as Guard, D.J. Tucker as Sam Smith, Johnny Wactor as Orderly, Amy Ware as Jill Pryor, Joe Whitlock as Merc, Braxton Williams as Anthony Patrick

Plot : Its nighttime. Cold. No at the helm of with the omission of the chattering of cicadas also the gap of a GUARD creating his resolutions on a walky-talky… |

Country : USA

Language : English

Filming Locations : Charleston, South Carolina, USA

Company : Clandestine Films

Plot Summary : Its nighttime. Cold. No at the helm of aside from the chattering of cicadas with the hole of a GUARD earning his resolutions on a walky-talky. MAX TAYLOR barges times of yore him, disabling additional guards pending he breaks out of a developing with sections his road to a checkpoint barrier. He is close to elapse the wall as soon as hes enclosed by kinsfolk inside colorless coats. They pull him save someone’s bacon into the building. Taylor is a patient at a armed forces institute because absolutely trained defense force with spies who undergo omitted their sanity all through take on or classified missions; theyre kept less than sedation with examination pending such term since theyre considered adapt to come back to full of zip duty. The then morning, JOHN DANCE walks done a fasten reception area, inquiring HENRY WALSH (the institutes elementary administrator) almost the patients. Dance is introduced since a psychiatrist reasonable prospecting the institutes viability with the patients perceptual stability. Dance enters a gym where a number of of the patients are keeping their know how well-honed. Dance will research each of each other inside turn, with they complain loudly that theyve been requested the equal studies excess of with excess of again. According to Walsh theyre heavily sedated, preventing each other relishes busting out joy mass. Group therapist DR. HUDSON as well acts since a assuring touch upon on the patients, collaborating with each other to treat their position inside her sessions. However, a number of of the patients do seem to engagement busting out – a genre of ski-masked defense force assassinate a local VIP. As the killings continue, the demand grows on Dance to style a resolution almost the Institutes fate. His mate REBECCA DANCE visits him inside the building; shes an officer who has the current to available drink the facility. Theres a back assassination, led by Taylor. After concluding his assignment he visits Rebecca; hes been struggling get away to extend an interest as well as her. Back at the Institute, it dawns on Dance that Rebeccas the then target because the assassins. He sections a intimidating sighting – dozens of ovals secreted inside a drain – the ovals that the patients should undergo been taking. Just since Dance is close to blow the whistle, hes bruised with wakes wakeful inside a cell. Walsh informs him that hes been a patient inside the Institute the inclusive thing along – the body of workers members undergo been humoring him, providing him to research his dude patients since a style of therapy. Dance begins to accept them, other than knows that his mate may well engagement inside danger. He escapes relishes the Institute with saves his wife, also since he aims to influence his jealousy subsequent to he sees her inside Taylors arms. Dance leads the assassins save someone’s bacon to come back as well as an additional target: Walsh.

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