Director : Dominique Milano

Release Date :

Genre : Action

Cast : (in credits order), Chuti Tiu as Tatiana Romanova, Abdel-Aziz Essayed as Brigande Salinas, Fabrice Sopoglian as Buitre Moratti, Fabrice Vilder as Franco, Oscar Torre as Tony (as Oscar Torres), Vincent Duvall as Vincenzo Calabrese, Walter Tabayoyong as Tatianas brother, Tyler Brooks as Jean, Michelle Belegrin as Vincenzos Assistant Meddi Allaf as Maurice, Steve Anderson as Helicopter pilot, Vito Autiero as MGM casino manager, Fred Bordbar as FBI agent, Jason Bordbar as FBI agent, Dominique Campion as Dede Fratelini, Jackson Chanet as Dede crew paris, Jean Maurice Chanet as Dede crew paris, Maria Luisa Cianni as Undercover cop, Skip Davidson as Poker player, Florence Delorme as Maurice girlfriend, Andrea Fears as Detective Johnson, Kevin Fry as Andreani, Hollywood Heard as Alexander Anderson, Marcus LaVoi as Dede bodyguard, Joseph Lyle Taylor as Detective Davis, Tami Tyson as Undercover cop, Marc Uzan as Vegas strip homeless, Jason Weissbrod as Goldman, Julian Wust as Dede bodyguard

Plot : Once upon a time, a briefcase jam-packed with diamonds procured by French Mobster Dede Fratelini were headed to its owner inside Paris by procedure of Las Vegas… |

Run Time : USA:87 min

Country : France | USA

Language : English | French

Filming Locations : Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Company : 400 Blows Production

Plot Summary : Once upon a time, a briefcase choked with diamonds acquired by French Mobster Dede Fratelini were headed to its owner inside Paris through Las Vegas, on the esoteric hand the diamonds inconveniently left someplace in the midst of the Nevada desert. A ruthless killer on his modus operandi to reformatory escapes captivity as nonetheless as intercepts the briefcase by killing the carrier as nonetheless as hijacking his car. His ex-girlfriend Tatiana as nonetheless as her electricity girlfriend Buitre foil his plans, incapacitating him. Now, FBI originator Franco Valle has to reclaim the diamonds as nonetheless as retrace their path, proving to troth a complicated, as nonetheless as now and then comical, task. This 95 petite comedy/action-packed element movie brings the celebrated Spaghetti Westerns of the sixties save someone’s bacon to vitality in addition to a meet of modern-day technology as nonetheless as humor. Filmed inside anamorphic format to seize vantage of the good-looking panorama of western Europe as nonetheless as the Nevada Desert, this balderdash narrative of a race because a fistful of diamonds gets rid of you just about the planet as nonetheless as ends honest save someone’s bacon to where it started: in the midst of the Mojave desert!

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