Director : Anthony Hemingway

Genre : Action, Adventure, Drama, History, War

Cast : , Bryan Cranston as Maj. William Mortamus, Cuba Gooding Jr. as Major Emanuelle Stance, Josh Dallas as Ryan (as Joshua Dallas), Daniela Ruah as Sofia, Terrence Howard as Colonel A.J. Bullard, Michael B. Jordan as Maurice Bumps Wilson, Theo James as Mortamus intel Officer, David Oyelowo as Joe Lightning Little, Tristan Wilds as Ray Junior Gannon, Gerald McRaney as General Luntz, Method Man as Sticks, Andre Royo as Chief Coffee Coleman, Elijah Kelley as Samuel Joker George, Lee Tergesen as Colonel Jack Tomilson, Ne-Yo as Andrew Smoky Salem, Nate Parker as Marty Easy Julian, Marcus T. Paulk as David Deke Watkins, Robert Kazinsky as Chester Barnes, Matthew Alan as American Officer, Aml Ameen as Bag O Bones, Matthew Leitch as Leutenant Colonel David Long, Rick Otto as Flynt, Edwina Findley as CeCe, Sam Daly as Mikey, Kevin Phillips as Leon Neon Edwards, Leslie Odom Jr. as Declan Winky Hall, Brian Gross as Officer White, Leon Ockenden as Co-pilot, Jay Taylor as Owens, Dave Power as Prisoner #1, Allison Giannini as Dancer, Michael Dixon as Lead Bomber Gunner, Okezie Morro as Douglas Jammer Hall, Adrian Bustamante as Italian Bartender (as Raul Bustamante), Justin Malachi as Pilot, Jazmine Sullivan as Deborah Love Bunny Gannett, Philip Bulcock as Lead

Bomber Capt, Henry Garrett as Hart, Mark Doerr as Nazi Commander, Zachary Culbertson as Prisoner, Stacie Davis as Mae, Paul Fox as Miller, Tina DMarco as Sofias Mother, Ryan Early as Capt. Bryce, Jeffrey T Ferguson as US Colonel, Sam Kennard as Pilot Ben, Nick Hendrix as Co-Pilot Al, Brian Vowell as German Guard, Philippe Debaty as Bomber Pilot, Anthony Welsh as Jeffrey St. Lou Smith, Lars van Riesen as Pretty-Boy, Steve Wharton as German Soldier, Joel Mathews as Italian (as Joel Thompson), Tony Sommers as Italian Fisherman, Blake Ellis as Nazi Guard, Yoda Ushery as Pilot, Jermaine Johnson as Pilot, Ben Steel as Luntzs Lieutenant, Michael Meyerson as Italian Fisherman, Jeremy Kocal as German Soldier, Jermaine Johnson Jr. as Sneeky, Joey Baxter as American prisoner, Michael Sean Freeman as Mechanic, Gabriel Fleary as Flight Tower Controller, Richard Conti as German Officer, Michael Lindley as Kellison, Todd Detwiler as Campbells Bombardier, Jarek Hylebrant as Navigator Bombardier, Joe Jacobs as Nat, Robert Grant Nadji as Prisoner , Alan Bagh as WW II U.S. Officer, Patrick Alan Davis as Prisoner, David Gyasi as Captain, Paul Hampshire as German Ground Soldier, Dan Hirst as German Ground Soldier, Myles Kwesi Hutchful as Pilot, Asim Kaleem as Prisoner, Eric Kolelas as New Tuskegee Recruit, Mark Lavell as U.S. General, Devon Libran as Pilot, Anthony TerBush as Pentagon Aid, James D. Weston II as Stances Driver, Ben Winston as Bomber

Plot : A crew of African American pilots inside the Tuskegee keep fit exercise program, creating faced exception spilt second kept basically on the basis in the course of World War II, are phoned into job lower than the advocate of Col. A.J. Bullard. |

Country : USA

Language : English

Filming Locations : Kerner Optical Sound Stages, San Rafael, California, USA

Company : Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

Trivia : In The Wire: Know Your Place (#4.9) (2006), Tristan Wilds may well troth noted wearing a Tuskegee Airmen T-shirt.

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