Director : Chia-Liang Liu (more)

Release Date :

Genre : Action, Comedy

Cast : (in credits order), Jackie Chan as Wong Fei-hung, Lung Ti as Wong Kei-ying, Wongs Father, Anita Mui as Ling – Wongs Step-Mother, Felix Wong as Tsang, Chia-Liang Liu as Master Fu Wen-Chi (as Lau Kar-Leung), Ken Lo as John, Kar Lok Chin as Ho Sang, Ho-Sung Pak as Henry, Chi-Kwong Cheung as Tso, Yee San Hon as Uncle Hing, Andy Lau as Counter Intelligence Officer, Wing-Fong Ho as Fun, Chia Yung Liu as Marlon (as Kar Yung Lau), Siu-Ming Lau as Mr. Chiu, Suki Kwan as Chius Wife, Evonne Yung as Lady in Coffee Shop #1, Wai Yee Chan as Lady in Coffee Shop #2, Shing Wong as Larry, Kwok Kuen Chan as Curly, Po Tai as Moe (as Bo Tai), Kui Ying Chan as Lily, Fong Pao as Cook, Chun Chau Ha as Senior in Restaurant #1, Wah Lung Szema as Senior in Restaurant #2, Yan Pak as Mrs. Chan, Louis Roth as British Consul (as Louis C. Roth), Therese Renee as Terese, Mark Houghton as Smith, Vincent Tuataane as Bruno Mark King as Mr. Swire, Dave Mallow as Wong Fei-Hung (voice: English version), Mars, Bill Tung, Tuan Wai-Lun, Gabriel Wong (as Yut-San Wong), Ming-Sing Wong as Thief, Yvonne Yung Hung as Lady in Coffee Shop #1 , Anthony Carpio as Thug, Man-Ching Chan as Thug, Tat-kwong Chan as Thug, Johnny Cheung as Thug, Hsia Hsu as Axe Gang Leader, Rocky Lai as Thug, Chung Chi Li as Thug, William Tuen as Erhu Player

Plot : Returning marital along furthermore his father behind a go on a spree expedition, Wong Fei-Hong is unwittingly wedged in… |

Run Time : 102 min | USA:99 min

Country : Hong Kong

Language : Cantonese

Company : Golden Harvest Company

Trivia : Jackie Chan in reality crawled more than the burning warm coals two times. He saw he didnt meet unsleeping with the factual rhythm the foremost stretch he prepared it.

Goofs : Continuity: Just firstly of the foremost boulevard battle drunken brawling scene, Fei-hungs Step-Mother pushes precedent days a tall blond woman inside a grey have room for in addition to tie to go off indoor in addition to her girlfriends in addition to catch Fei-hung a number of wine. In the subsequently scene, we notice each other go off wakeful to the hostelry in addition to grasp a number of bottles, foremost publicizing precedent days the correct unchanged blond woman savours outside.

Plot Summary : Returning conjugal and his father beyond a window shop expedition, Wong Fei-Hong is unwittingly wedged inside the struggle between foreigners who aspiration to export elderly Chinese artifacts also loyalists who dont yearn the pieces to withdraw the country. Fei-Hong has experienced a technique of boxing made communication with Drunken Boxing, which ilks him a precarious someone to cross. Unfortunately, his father is opposition his hiring inside any type of fighting, admit unaided drunken boxing. Consequently, Fei-Hong not simply has to contest opposition the foreigners, excluding he must overpower his fathers antagonism because well.

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