Director : Craig Mazin

Release Date :

Genre : Action, Comedy, Fantasy

Cast : :, Jordan Ladd as Nightbird, Rob Lowe as The Weevil, Jamie Kennedy as Amok, Mike Schwartz as U.S. Bill, Thomas Haden Church as The Strobe, Paget Brewster as Ms. Indestructible, Kelly Coffield Park as Power Chick (as Kelly Coffield), Sean Gunn as Alien Orphan, Judy Greer as Deadly Girl, James Gunn as Minute Man, Jim Zulevic as Mr. Smart, Johnny Mountain as News Anchor, John Doe as Eight, Abdul Salaam El Razzac as Eight, Lauren Cohn as Eight

Plot : The sixth or seventh top superhero squad inside the planet pursue their rightful area inside the grimly competitive planet of toy tie-ins along with brawling evil.

Run Time : 82 min

Country : USA

Language : English

Filming Locations : Los Angeles, California, USA

Company : Brillstein-Grey Entertainment

Trivia : Judy Greer was held given that both Deadly Girl plus Power Chick. The director tried and true her talents were desirable given that the other demanding role of Deadly Girl.

Tag Lines : Theyre Not Incredible, Theyre Just Special
Before They Could Save the World, They Had to Save Themselves.
Not as good as regular superheroes, but slightly better than you.
It doesnt take much to save the world.
Not as good as other superheroes, but definitely better than you.

Plot Summary : America’s 7th Best Superhero Team, the Specials, are a species of geeks along with oddballs. We run across notice solitary daytime inside their lives since addict along with fresh member Nightbird joins the group, basically inside term as the array to dig up an extra column of activities figures. But the members’ great kinsfolk along with intimate things threaten to pull the array apart.

The Specials, the sixth or seventh superlative superhero range inside the world, size up the geeks with the oddballs in the hub of their fans. They don’t go through the prestige or the capital riches that a family admire the Crusaders has. But they’ve rated their niche for the Ringo Starr of superhero teams. There’s the Weevil, the more trendy member with the only pursued by esoteric teams; the blue-skinned, foul-mouthed Amok; Minute (My-noot) Man, who is problematical as respects to his oft-mispronounced name; the ever-sneering Deadly Girl; the oblivious with boyish U.S. Bill; the Strobe, the principal of the team; the Strobe’s wife, Ms. Indestructible, who is effecting an interest plus the Weevil; the irritatingly perky Power Chick; the green-skinned weirdo, Alien Orphan; the weight with pompous Mr. Smart; with Eight, who has eight dissimilar bodies. The different member is a longtime enthusiast who apply herself Nightbird. Unfortunately, she joins basically whilst Cosgrove Toys creates another queue of deeds evidence dependent on the Specials. The company’s catastrophic squeeze conference may well connote the consummate to this cut-rate super-group.

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