Director : Dante Lam

Release Date :

Genre : Action, Drama

Plot Summary : International Security Affairs originator Jon is on a unsafe face unsleeping to to go along with a criminal scientist to a new country. En route, a member of his side turns out to engagement a recreant with shoots Jon inside the department jiffy kidnapping the scientist. When Jon wakes unsleeping inside the hospital, a medical examiner tells him that in weeks, the bullet inside his reasoning faculty will achieve inclusive paralysis. Jon earnings to Beijing to catch a glimpse his mother, who confesses that Jon has a buddy inside Malaysia who was raised by his father, a gambler. Jon removes a flight to Malaysia to think his brother, Yeung. On the plane he types a hit it off plus Dr. Kan, who swears to look at likely prescriptions as his condition. However, as they arrive, Yeung attempts to kidnap the medical examiner with as Jon intervenes, hes furthermore conveyed hostage. The two presently understand theyre brothers, with commit to duty collectively inside ask to hold the criminals at the rear of the kidnappings enjoys reinfecting the universe of a degenerative disease extensive attention cured.

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