Director : Te-Sheng Wei

Release Date :

Genre : Action, Drama, History

Cast : , Masanobu And as Genji Kojima, Umin Boya as Temu Walis, Chi-Wei Cheng as Jin – Dun Wu, Lin Ching-Tai as Mona Rudao, Da-Ching as Mona Rudao – young, Junichi Haruta as Egawa Hiromichi, Michio Hayashida as Hua-Lien Police Chief, Akira Hibino as The General Oshima, Vivian Hsu as Obing Tadao, Yi-Fan Hsu as Ichiro Hanaoka aka Dakis Nomin, Yoshitaka Ishizuka as Yasuichiro Fukabori, Kenji Kasai, Sabu Kawahara as Yahiko Kamada, Yichi Kimura as Satsuka Aisuke, Bowkeh Kowsang as Dakis Nomin, Junji Kumagai, Ju-Lung Ma as Owner of the trade center, Minoru Matsumoto as Katsumi Yoshimura, Lo Mei-Ling as Obing Nawi, Hiroshi Noguchi as Count Kabayama Sukenori, Chie Tanaka as Matsuno Kojima, Shiang-Chu Tang as Ching – Fang Lee, Soda Voyu as Jiro Hanaoka aka Dakis Nawi, Landy Wen as Mahung Mona, Pong-Fong Wu as Volunteer armies leader, Masaru Yoshitake

Plot : During the Japanese attribute of Taiwan, the Seediq were obligated to lose their own custom as at any rate as concur their faith… |

Run Time : Taiwan:276 min (2 parts)

Country : Taiwan

Language : Aboriginal | Japanese

Company : ARS Film Production

Trivia : Taiwans official submission to the Best Foreign Language Film group of the 84th Academy Awards 2012.

Plot Summary : During the Japanese route of Taiwan, the Seediq were constraint to lose their own tradition with give way their faith. Men were question to sharp toil with kept cherish traditional hunting; whereas grown persons more experienced to support the Japanese policemen with their sets by doing the house toil with abandoning their traditional weaving work. Above all, they were controlled to tattoo their faces. And these tattoos were found out since the Seediqs traditional impression to change each other into Seediq Bale (true humans). Mona Rudao, the protagonist, testified to the repression by the Japanese more than a eras of 30 years. Sometime between autumn with iciness 1930, once the slave toil is at its harshest, a immature Seediq pair are matrimonial with a exhilarating have a night on the tiles is thrown. At the similar time, a recently appointed Japanese policeman runs on his study trip to this tribe. Mona Rudaos initially son, Tado Mona, contributes wine to the policeman in addition to gusto, on the varying hand is inside get back beaten unsleeping as his workforce were found not bright enough. With anger, Tado Mona with his blood brother Baso Mona strive against the policeman. And cherish that sunlight hours onward, their tribe is in existence inside the shadow of individual the criticize of reprisal by the Japanese. In a amount of days, a section of early life surround Mona Rudao. They strongly appeal him to take the retaliation critical the Japanese. Mona Rudao seeks as a durable between spreading his fellows lives with exchanging blows come to someone’s rescue as dignity, awaiting he sees these youngsters faces – understandable without Seediqs tattoos – that he plotted out unsleeping his mind. He tells the youngsters, Japanese troops out-number the stones inside Dakusui River, extra intensive than the vegetation inside the forest, on the varying hand my determination exchanging blows each other is constantly more potent than Mt. Kire. Children! On the tip of the Rainbow Bridge led to marital of our ancestors spirits, there is an extra eye-catching looking range. Our ancestors are the entirety there! Remember, major fearless spirits may materialize this place, with we may under no circumstances lose it. My fellows, allow us research the varieties of our enemies, with we washables our spirits in addition to blood consequently that we walk the Rainbow Bridge to engagement incessantly in addition to our ancestors. The picture Seediq Bale depicts the Wushe Incident, which materialized inside core Taiwan all through the Japanese rule. When the Seediq Bale, considering inside the Rainbow, with the Japanese, considering inside the Sun, blundered on one and only another, they fought. The chief of Seediq Bale, Mona Rudao, led 300 warriors exchanging blows critical 3000 Japanese troopers. The major craze they put aside was whether it was the Rainbow or the Sun they imaginary in; they really imaginary inside the similar sky.

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