Director : John Woo

Release Date :

Genre : Action, History, Romance, War

Cast : :, Nicolas Cage as Sergeant Joe Enders, Adam Beach as Private Ben Yahzee, Peter Stormare as Gunnery Sergeant Hjelmstad, Noah Emmerich as Private Chick, Mark Ruffalo as Private Pappas, Brian Van Holt as Private Harrigan, Martin Henderson as Private Nellie, Roger Willie as Private Charlie Whitehorse, Frances OConnor as Rita, Christian Slater as Sgt. Pete Ox Anderson, Jason Isaacs as Major Mellitz, Billy Morts as Fortino (as William Morts), Cameron Thor as Mertens, Kevin Cooney as Ear Doctor, Holmes Osborne as Colonel Hollings

Plot : Two U.S. Marines inside WWII are designated to protect Navajo Marines who roadway their native terms because an unbreakable receiver cypher.

Run Time : 134 min | Argentina:132 min | USA:153 min (directors cut)

Country : USA

Language : English | Navajo | Japanese

Filming Locations : Dillingham Estate – 68434 Farrington Highway, Mokul`ia, O`ahu, Hawaii, USA

Company : Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM)

Trivia : Steve J. Termath was primarily model as the role of Pvt. Nellie. However, the role went to Martin Henderson once Termath chattered a fleeting hiatus like performing as true militia service, engaging inside the US Army Reserves.

Goofs : Revealing mistakes: In the concluding combat, delicately subsequent to the Japanese discover their guns, one among one another receive an endeavor nevertheless the draw back is a tolerable half abet more than usually late.

Tag Lines : Honor Was Their Code.
From The Director Of M:I-2
America Has The Last Word.
The Navajo Has the Code. Protect the Code at All Costs.

Plot Summary : WWII. Joe Enders, a enriched Marine who is by-the-book to a fault, is delicately on the way lend a (helping) hand to on function (by cheating on his health tests). "Ox" Anderson, a great deal of greener, is moreover accomplishing the unchanged different task: Protect the Navajo codetalkers (Ben Yahzee as nonetheless as Charles Whitehorse, respectively). While Enders is in the beginning unfulfilled plus his assignment, his feature grows for the codetalkers make obvious their price inside the vicious effort to get Saipan.

In the handy domicile as anyways as ferocious brawling of the World War II Pacific Theater, the U.S. Intelligence services desperately explore a fool-proof encryption code, immune to the cryptogram breakers of the Japanese. The way out is rapidly pointed out inside the aged terminology of the Navajo. Enlisted into the Marine Corps are numerous "Windtalkers" who are deployed to frontline hoods inside the Pacific, to wont their terminology because an impossible-to-crack classified code. A drawback, however, is that the U.S. militia rapidly puts forth a directive that the Windtalkers must in no way troth captured breathing by the enemy, therefore spare Marines are allotted to class certian that this directive is administrated to the letter.

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