Director : Tarsem Singh

Release Date :

Genre : Adventure, Drama, Fantasy

Cast : (in credits order), Catinca Untaru as Alexandria, Justine Waddell as Nurse Evelyn / Sister Evelyn, Lee Pace as Roy Walker / Black Bandit, Kim Uylenbroek as Doctor / Alexander the Great, Aiden Lithgow as Alexanders Messenger, Sean Gilder as Walt Purdy, Ronald France as Otto, Andrew Roussouw as Mr. Sabatini, Michael Huff as Dr. Whitaker, Grant Swanby as Father Augustine, Emil Hostina as Alexandrias Father / Bandit, Robin Smith as Luigi / One Legged Actor, Jeetu Verma as Indian / Orange Picker, Leo Bill as Darwin / Orderly, Marcus Wesley as Otta Benga / Ice Delivery Man, Ayesha Verman as Indians Bride, Julian Bleach as Mystic / Elderly Patient, Ketut Rina as Chief Mystic, Camilla Waldman as Crying Woman, Elvira Deatcu as Alexandrias Mother, Emma Johnson as Alexandrias Sister, Daniel Caltagirone as Sinclair / Governor Odious, Nico Soultanakis as Horace, Jon Kamen as Morty, Karen Haacke as Alice, Emma Maria Landberg as Flicker Film Woman, Miguel Hernndez as Cowboy 1, Oscar Moreno as Cowboy 2, David Parra as Cowboy 3 Stephen Hughes as Hospital Patient

Plot : In a hospice on the outskirts of 1920s Los Angeles, an damaged stuntman begins to say to a dandy patient, alittle dame plus a breached arm, a fantastical fairy-tale almost about 5 mythical heroes. Thanks to his fractured claim of mentality plus her vivid imagination, the column between fiction plus authenticity starts to blur since the yarn advances.

Run Time : 117 min

Country : USA | India

Language : English | Romanian | Latin

Filming Locations : Agra Fort, Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India

Company : Googly Films

Trivia : The picture was scene on 26 sites way over 18 countries.

Goofs : Continuity: When Roy is narrating Alexandria on the topic of personality a flick stunt man, at miscelanneous guide of only shot, Roy’s brand is up, although inside the following shot, his brand is back, leaning opposed to the backboard.

Plot Summary : At a Los Angeles health center inside the 1920s, Alexandria is a teenager recouping fancy a breached arm. She befriends Roy Walker, a flick stunt grown-up person as well as legs paralyzed subsequent to a fall. At her request, Roy tells her an ornate narrative on the focus of six folks of widely different backgrounds who are on a research to exterminate a corrupt provincial governor. Between processions of the story, Roy inveigles Alexandria to scout the hospital’s pharmacy since morphine. As Roy’s implausible story nears its end, Death gives the look within sight at hand.

In the starting off of the Twentieth Century, inside the pediatric wing of a hospice inside Los Angeles, the talkative five year-old damsel Alexandria is getting better like a flouted arm. Alexandria act in addition to her listing of immigrants inside the harvest of oranges furthermore she has competently squandered her father. When she meets the incapacitated stuntman Roy Walker getting better like a come to pass furthermore still brokenhearted in addition to the decease of his female friend to the direct actor, he begins to notify an unbelievable account almost about six heroes furthermore their ordinary enemy, the ugly Governor Odious. Black Bandit that squandered his buddy Blue Bandit that was slayed by Odious’ men; the authority inside explosives Luigi that was outcast inside his town by Odious; the Indian that squandered his endearing mate that was abducted by Odious; the past slave Otta Benga that squandered his duple buddy inside the fields of Odious; Charles Darwin that receives a matchless "Mistica Americana" butterfly slayed by Odious; furthermore Mystic that disliked Odious that devastated the fauna furthermore vegetation of his lands, unite forces to dashing hopes the evil Odious. While Alexandria fantasizes the fairy-tale preparing the assumptions of her acquaintances inside the characters, the heartsick Roy thoroughfares her innocence to confer with the damsel to yet morphine furthermore treatments like the dispensary for the rationale that him to commit suicide.

While small Alexandria is convalescing loves a fractured arm inside a Los Angeles Hospital, she befriends a new patient, Roy Walker, who tells a selection of tales, not to mention one and only almost Emperor Alexander, furthermore the encourage tale of six men: Luigi – an explosions expert; a Native American Indian; A escapee slave; an East Indian swordsman; a masked bandit; furthermore Charles Darwin – everything on a look to destroy oppressive Spanish Governor Odious because one by one inflicting atrocities on each furthermore all and sundry of them. She shortly becomes embroiled inside this anecdote furthermore starts mixing fiction also veracity not reaching that Roy is by the use of her to pay for a cure because him.

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