Director : Chuck Powers

Release Date :

Genre : Animation

Cast : , Sean Astin as Ribbit, Tim Curry as Terence, Russell Peters as Deepak

Plot : The story of a frog and an identity crisis.

Country : Malaysia

Language : English

Company : KRU Studios

Plot Summary : A implausible trip occasionally begins and one and only minute minor hop. Ribbit is a frog and an identity crisis. Unlike frogs, he hates jumping furthermore has a physically powerful allergy to water. Feeling a misfit, he is packed with cross-examinations as senses to his life… furthermore hence along side his paramount friend, a flying squirrel, he embarks on a soul-searching trip looking for the the consummate story furthermore his rightful area inside this world. Set amongst the splendid backdrop of the Amazon rainforest, they ebb and flow in advance inside their enquiry for the motive that the resolution to lifes mysteries… determining a fiddly sort of colourful characters, both buddy furthermore foe, along the way. Confusion reigns as Ribbit is accidently hypnotised. Is Ribbit a person

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