Director :

Release Date :

Genre : Animation, Adventure, Family

Cast : (in credits order), Olli Jantunen as Niko (voice: Finnish version), Hannu-Pekka Bjrkman as Julius (voice: Finnish version), Vuokko Hovatta as Wilma (voice: Finnish version), Vesa Vierikko as Musta Susi (voice: Finnish version), Jussi Lampi as Rysk (voice: Finnish version), Risto Kaskilahti as Rimppa / Uljas (voice: Finnish version), Minttu Mustakallio as Essie (voice: Finnish version), Juha Veijonen as Raavas (voice: Finnish version), Puntti Valtonen as Hirvas (voice: Finnish version), Elina Knihtil as Oona (voice: Finnish version), Juulia Rnkk as Saaga (voice: Finnish version), Tommi Korpela as Porolauman johtaja (voice: Finnish version), Aarre Karn as Isois (voice: Finnish version), Arttu Hmlinen as Poropoika 1 (voice: Finnish version), Ilmari Huhtala as Poropoika 2 (voice: Finnish version), Mika Ala-Panula as Oinas / Laumasusi / Laumaporo (voice: Finnish version), Kari Hietalahti as Armas / Tervas / Puhelintonttu (voice: Finnish version), Janus Hanski as Rautias (voice: Finnish version), Jussi Chydenius as Viekas (voice: Finnish version), Miia Nuutila as Pukin asiakaspalvelu / Laumaporo (voice: Finnish version), Markus Degerman as Laumasusi (voice: Finnish version), Werne Walla as Laumaporo (voice: Finnish version), Susa Saukko as Laumaporo (voice: Finnish version), Veikko Honkanen as Joulupukki (voice: Finnish version) Ingo Albrecht as Schwarzer Wolf (voice: German version), Sabine Arnhold as Oona (voice: German version), Carly Baker as Saga (voice: English version), Detlef Bierstedt as Dasher (voice: German version), Patrick Fitzsymons as Grandpa (voice: English version), Rainer Fritzsche as Specs (voice: German version), Peter Groeger as Großvater (voice: German version), Karlo Hackenberger as Komet (voice: German version), Gary Hetzler as Elf Operator (voice: English version), Hans Hohlbein as Cupid (voice: German version), Michael Iwannek as Donner (voice: German version), Morgan Jones as Dasher (voice: English version), Joachim Kaps as Vixen (voice: German version), Jrgen Kluckert as Weihnachtsmann (voice: German version), Norm MacDonald as Julius (voice: English version), Andrew McMahon as Niko (voice: English version), Tim Moeseritz as Dancer (voice: German version), Sasu Moilanen as Narrator (voice), Gavin Morgan as Smiley (voice: English version), Olaf Reichmann as Julius (voice: German version), Katharina Ritter as Saga (voice: German version), Emma Roberts as Wilma (voice: English version), Esko Roine as Julius (voice), Dennis Schmidt-Foß as Prancer (voice: German version), Tilo Schmitz as Rentier-Anfhrer (voice: German version), Barbara Schneberger as Wilma (voice: German version), Susan Slott as Oona (voice: English version), Alan Stanford as Black Wolf (voice: English version), Pete Stefanov as Niko (voice: German version), Paul Tylack as Specs / Prancer (voice: English version) (as Paul Tylak), Irina von Bentheim as Essie (voice: German version), Bernhard Vlger as Blitz (voice: German version), Thomas Wolff as Smiley (voice: German version), Susan Zelouf as Essie (voice: English version)

Plot : A small reindeer who suffers derive pleasure vertigo learns to weigh down his fear, eliminates flying instruction derive pleasure a all fingers and thumbs flying squirrel furthermore gradings to the North pole to excepting a tormented Santa furthermore his fleet of flying reindeer.

Run Time : 80 min

Country : Finland | Denmark | Germany | Ireland

Language : English | Finnish

Filming Locations : Finland

Company : Cinemaker Oy

Trivia : This is the some widely dispensed Finnish film. Its rights experience been sold to far more than a 100 countries.

Goofs : Revealing mistakes: When Niko with Saga direct the assorted reindeer that wolves are coming, Nikos grandpa comes inside with asks Are you convinced they didnt draw close you? At that moment, his correct horn may perhaps engagement discerned passing done the leaders horn geometry.

Plot Summary : A reindeer boy accepted Niko dreams as points to flying equivalent to his father, whom he has on no account met. Despite stable ironic derive pleasure others, he sneaks out of his domestic valley to receive flying teaching derive pleasure Julius, a flying squirrel.

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