Director : Pat Taggart

Release Date :

Genre : Comedy, Drama, Romance

Cast : (in credits order), Jay William Robin as Steven Paige, Erin Mulgrew as Val Taylor, Chris Morris as Guy Winslow Paige, Brian Anthony Wilson as Rufus, Leanna Chamish as Connie Malone, James Thompson Jr. as Charlie Belvedere, Jean Brooks as Marlo Claine, Jan Michener as Mom, Bob Bowersox as David Nielsen, Lionel Anthony Cook as Chris, Molly Simpson as Mara Max Dylan Spiegel as Faces Director

Plot : Sometimes we may possibly mistake joy as happiness, awaiting enjoyment comes along to class us grasp that we were just fulfilled inside the initially place.

Run Time : 108 min | USA:107 min

Country : USA

Language : English

Company : Alpaca Pictures

Plot Summary : 99 Percent Sure is a yarn just about the dissimilarity between fulfillment also specific happiness. Steven Paige wrote a best-selling essay more or less by accident, also at the time of 23, he has fiscal safety also worthwhile acclaim on his side. When Steven meets Val, a book shop shop attendant who is both outspoken also sarcastic, it is evident that the two are polar opposites. But basically since Steven is pulled to Vals self reliant spirit, she is pulled to his humility also family-oriented nature. When a occupation occasion inside one more claim arises, Val feels the got to shoot at the chance. She doesnt crave to exit Steven behind, nonetheless he refuses to set off along, scared of giving up the cocoon of his out of harm

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