Director : Steve Barron

Release Date :

Genre : Comedy, Sci-Fi

Cast : (in credits order) (verified as complete), Robert Knott as Air Traffic Controller, Jonathan Penner as Captain Air Traffic, Whip Hubley as F-16 Pilot, Dan Aykroyd as Beldar Conehead / Donald R. DeCicco, Jane Curtin as Prymatt Conehead / Mary Margaret DeCicco, Howard Napper as Ang Pilot, Michael Richards as Motel Clerk, Eddie Griffin as Customer, Sinbad as Otto, Phil Hartman as Marlax, Adam Sandler as Carmine, Grant Martell as Hispanic Man #1, Art Bonilla as Hispanic Man #2, David Spade as Eli Turnbull, INS Agent, Rosa Maria Briz as Hispanic Woman (as Rosa Briz), Michael McKean as Gorman Seedling, INS Deputy Commissioner, Cooper Layne as Engineer, Sarah Anne Levy as Hygenist, Drew Carey as Taxi Passenger, Shishir Kurup as Khoudri, Sydney Coberly as Nurse, Barry Kivel as Doctor, Terry Turner as Sketch Artist, McNally Sagal as Female Agent, Richard Comar as Agent, Danielle Aykroyd as 3 Year Old Connie, Nicolette Harnish as 10 Year Old Connie, Jason Alexander as Larry Farber, Lisa Jane Persky as Lisa Farber, Michelle Burke as Connie Conehead, Joey Lauren Adams as Christina, Parker Posey as Stephanie, Chris Farley as Ronnie the Mechanic, Kevin Nealon as Senator, Jan Hooks as Gladys Johnson, Driving Student, Julia Sweeney as Principal, Ellen DeGeneres as Coach, Walter Robles as Fire Marshal, Todd Susman as Ron, James Keane as Harv, Sam Freed as Master of Ceremonies, Garrett Morris as Captain Orecruiser, Tom Davis as Supplicant, Dave Thomas as Highmaster, Peter Aykroyd as Highmaster Mentot, Laraine Newman as Laarta, Nils Allen Stewart as Guard, Tim Meadows as Athletic Cone, Mitchell Bobrow as Garthok Combatant, Laurence Bilzerian as Cone Battle Commander, Topper Lilien as Cone Pilot Tom Arnold as Golfer, Oliver Barron as Boy Following Beldar, Jon Lovitz as Dr. Rudolph, Dentist, Jeanne Stawiarski as Dignitary

Plot : Aliens and cone shaped craniums draw close to Earth to consider routine life.

Run Time : 88 min

Country : USA

Language : English

Filming Locations : Ambassador Hotel – 3400 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, California, USA

Company : Paramount Pictures

Trivia : In the German version the declare of the Highmaster is dubbed inside a roadway to sketch the declare of the prior German chancellor Helmut Kohl.

Goofs : Crew or furniture visible: When the motorized vehicle is lifted into the spaceship, the genuine cables backing up the motorized vehicle would markedly troth realized inside a few shots.

Plot Summary : An unfamiliar partners seen for Beldar plus Prymatt plus cone-shaped compartments bask in the earth got in grips with Remulak is mistakingly ditched on earth, at a number of the theater in a scouting project given that earth conquest. While here, they dodge the INS, undergo a little adolescent plus determine that living on Earth is to a certain extent good. But sadly they are personality chased by the government who knows something is just about factual plus the Conehead family. After they are rescued plus accepted save someone’s skin to their planet, Belder is advised to take place save someone’s skin plus kill earth Earth!

An strange twosome along furthermore cone-shaped ranks take amusing in the globe Remulak is mistakingly ditched on earth. While foot-dragging to troth recalled to their mama planet, they advent a brand along with tolerate alittle daughter. They seek to suit to world oddities by existing inside middle-class suburbia. Meanwhile, their female offspring grows conscious to troth an adolescent who has setbacks suitable inside along furthermore her peers or accepting the truth that at sundry point, she has to come again to Remulak along furthermore the recreation of the family.

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