Director : Richard Linklater

Release Date :

Genre : Comedy, Drama

Cast : (in credits order) (verified as complete), Jason London as Randall Pink Floyd, Joey Lauren Adams as Simone Kerr, Milla Jovovich as Michelle Burroughs, Shawn Andrews as Kevin Pickford, Rory Cochrane as Ron Slater, Adam Goldberg as Mike Newhouse, Anthony Rapp as Tony Olson, Sasha Jenson as Don Dawson, Marissa Ribisi as Cynthia Dunn, Deena Martin as Shavonne Wright, Michelle Burke as Jodi Kramer, Cole Hauser as Benny ODonnell, Christine Harnos as Kaye Faulkner, Wiley Wiggins as Mitch Kramer, Mark Vandermeulen as Tommy Houston, Esteban Powell as Carl Burnett, Jeremy Fox as John Hirschfelder, Ben Affleck as Fred OBannion, Jason O. Smith as Melvin Spivey, Christin Hinojosa as Sabrina Davis, Parker Posey as Darla Marks, Matthew McConaughey as David Wooderson, Catherine Avril Morris as Julie Simms (as Catherine Morris), Nicky Katt as Clint Bruno, Parker Brooks as Kyle Eschenbrenner, Zach Taylor as Freshman Smartass, Jacob Jones as Freshman Smartass, Rick Moser as Assistant Coach, Terry Mross as Coach Conrad, Kim Krizan as Ms. Ginny Stroud, Zooey Greif as Pentico, Julius Tennon as Mr. Payne, Priscilla Kinser as Freshman Girl 1, Erika Geminder as Freshman Girl 2, Heidi Van Horne as Freshman Girl 3 (as Heidi Cole Trenbath), Katherine Asher as Carls Mom, Kathleen Cunningham as Pickfords Mom, Richard Dillard as Pickfords Dad, John Swasey as Beer Delivery Guy, Zeke Mills as Old Timer, Michael Gillespie as Party Guy, Tom Hoeck as Chaparone, Fred Lerner as Guy with Pistol, David Blackwell as Liquor Store Clerk, Autumn Barr as Stacy, Doug Taylor as Cop, Bob Moser as Cop, Mona Lee Fultz as Mrs. Kramer, Mitchs Mother Nicole Emmons as Girl in pool hall, Mike Enright as Guy at party, Anthony Pedone as Parking lot kid, James Kimo Wills as Guy at Party, Jessica Wilson as Senior Girl, Featured, Rene Zellweger as Girl in blue pickup truck

Plot : The adventures of incoming costly brand as in any case as junior costly students on the end sunlight hours of school, inside May of 1976.

Run Time : 102 min

Country : USA

Language : English

Filming Locations : Austin, Texas, USA

Company : Gramercy Pictures (I)

Trivia : The song that Milla Jovovich plinks on her guitar at the same time as staring at the luminaries is an excerpt take cool in The Alien Song, a song take cool in Millas 1994 album, The Divine Comedy.

Goofs : Audio/visual unsynchronized: When OBannion, beyond dumping the paint, process his motorized vehicle way over a patch of grass, you would it appears that take concern to a exceptionally unappropriate tyre squeal noise.

Plot Summary : Its the final daylight hours of ilk at a expensive ilk inside a minute town inside Texas inside 1976. The upperclassmen are hazing the incoming freshmen, plus every person is striving to search out stoned, drunk, or laid, still the football squad that signed a commitment not to.

The finish of the 1976 species once a year inside a Texan trivial town is evoke given that solemnization of the summer break. But originally the Seniors are animated to go after the newbies, whom they may well meet unsleeping with merciless hazing, which given that boys gets rid of the stern-scorching sort of realistic spankings. However futile, endeavors to break out are made, likewise unnecessary given that the members of the baseball team, which has to manipulate that evening, sooner than the partying, as alcohol is to anesthetize their seat-sting. Mitch Kramer becomes the makeup prey following his witless female family member truly asks the boys to set out effortless on him, which main senior quarterback Randall Pink Floyd does, sec senior year-repeater Fred OBannion adds disappointment to his reputed zeal given that spanking sorely sorry.

In a miniature Texas enclave, highlights the saint’s days of course on the final daylight hours of set inside 1976 since the new, incoming freshmen at the work force of the variety of 77 at Robert E. Lee High School. Freshman boys are physically punished, sec the girls largely face expression the brunt of verbal sludge plus humiliation. Two center facts emerge. Incoming freshman Mitch Kramer comes to an added realization inside his role since a main target of senior hazing. And, in the midst of the seniors is Randall Pink Floyd, the schools big name quarterback, who moves as well as facile adorn in the midst of kinds of greasers, nerds, stoners, plus athletes alike.

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