Director : Russell Whaley

Release Date :

Genre : Comedy

Cast : , Eric Toms as Finn, Todd Gaebe as Toby MacKenzie, Richard Moll as Mr. Mackenzie, Konstantin Lavysh as Kenny Miller, Maria Olsen as Mrs. Bryer, Stephanie Sanditz as Chloe, Darrel Cherney as Landon, Joseph H. Johnson Jr. as Darrell, Nikki Martin as Jenny other cast:, Preston James Hillier as J.T., Max Aria as Faze, Camelia Dee as Baby Mama, Danni Lang as Lana, Russell Whaley as Officer McDaniels, Emma Stone as Partygoer, Sam Puefua as Crazy Tommy, Alexandra McDougall as Fight Rouser, Thai Phuong as Hung, Jeff Blum as Party Host, Tony Reinke as Party Guest, David Scott as Officer Kosar, Nathaniel Benton as Partygoer, Matthew Jordan as Party Guest, Amy Vorpahl as Kylie, Sharon Diane King as Mrs. MacKenzie, Alexandra Case as Samantha, Renie Rivas as RA, Nathan Clarkson as Party Guest, Angel Corbin as Finns Harem, Zachary Ryan Block as Homeless bum, Trinh Dang as Lani, Teena Pugliese as Michelle, Andrew Jacobsen as Fight Spectator, Jennifer Nee as Fight Rouser, Stephen Williams as Craps Player, Karoly Bieganowski as Minka, Jim Shipley as Caine, Jon Shannon as Partygoer, Jason Feltz as Picnic Pat, Katy Ahmadi as Head Smash Girl, Nancy Nguyen as Girl outside library, Melissa Snyder as Student, Alexis Brown as Finns Harem, Tanya Tran as Partygoer, Michael Escobedo as Party Guest, Andrew Sheffield as Kyle, Narineh Tahmasebian as Craps Player, Adam Gotsens as Hammer, Gerald Yelverton as Air Hockey Player, Tiffany Bach as Clubber Girl, Molly Graham as Hosts Sex Kitten #1, Celine Duong as Clubber Girl, Innocent Otim as Partygoer, Selyna Cole as Jill, Jayne Paulus as Upside down girl at party, Ann-Marie Lindblad as Tina West, Machi Block as Classroom Student, Charles W. Houle as Bearded Jesus, Anthony Reinke as College Friend, Colin Pierce as Dancer at Party

Plot : After a run of terrible fate also times of yore dorm mates, Finn an underachiever hopes that another every year is progressing to carry many improved luck… |

Country : USA

Language : English

Filming Locations : Huntington Beach, California, USA

Company : RD Motion Pictures

Plot Summary : After a concatenation of horrific good fortune plus history dorm mates, Finn an underachiever hopes that an extra each year is aiming to transfer sundry improved luck. A 15 each year getting on brainiac, Toby isnt accurately no matter what he knowledgeable inside mind. After an precisely coarse start, the two subdue their variation as at any rate as side conscious to literal retribution on Landon as at any rate as his posse of goons who feel they method the school.

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