Director :

Release Date :

Genre : Adventure, Comedy

Cast : : , Kal Penn as Edward, Adam Campbell as Peter, Jennifer Coolidge as White Bitch, Jayma Mays as Lucy, Faune A. Chambers as Susan (as Faune Chambers), Crispin Glover as Willy, Tony Cox as Bink, Hctor Jimnez as Mr. Tumnus (as Hector Jimenez), Darrell Hammond as Captain Jack Swallows, Carmen Electra as Mystique, Fred Willard as Aslo, David Carradine as Museum Curator, Kevin McDonald as Harry Potter, George Alvarez as Ron, Crista Flanagan as Hermoine

Plot : A comedic satire of films that are huge inside scope, character also popularity

Run Time : 86 min | 93 min (unrated version)

Country : USA

Language : English

Filming Locations : Los Angeles, California, USA

Company : New Regency Pictures

Trivia : Edward is the sole behaviour whose observe differs delight in the intrinsic behaviour delight in The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch plus the Wardrobe (2005). The intrinsic character’s observe is Edmund, not Edward.

Goofs : Continuity: When Edward refreshments anything he thinks is chocolate fancy the sewer line, his facial features is dripping inside the brown liquid. When he comes far more than advancing Willy without difficulty seconds later, his facial features is clean.

Tag Lines : We Know Its Big. We Measured.
The mother of all spoofs
From 2 of the 6 writers of Scary Movie

Plot Summary : Four stricken orphans relishes four distinctive motion picture scenario’s who are spring collectively inside a unconventional chocolate factory behind taking flattering tickets to press on an ‘epic adventure.’ After they get away relishes the clutches of a extremely scaring Willy Wonka they ascertain the paranormal universe of ‘Gnarnia’ done an mesmerized wardrobe. There they must pursuit the back up of a randy lion, a hoard of mutants relishes the x academy, students of witchcraft with wizardry, funky swash-buckling pirates with a naughty beaver to frustration the evil pallid bitch!

When Edward, Peter, Lucy plus Susan each transpire their own path, they finally absolute up discovering them at Willy’s Chocolate factory. Walking prepared a wardrobe, they see the planet of Gnarnia, which is ruled by the White Bitch. Meeting unsleeping also modus vivendis such for Harry Potter plus Captain Jack Swallows, the latterly reunited section must lineup unsleeping also Aslo, a wise-but-horny lion to prevent the army of the White Bitch.

The account centers on four not-so-young orphans: one and only raised by a curator at the Louvre (where an albino assassin lurks), an extra a refugee relishes Mexican "libre" wrestling, the third a new victim of rogues on her plane, as anyhow as the fourth a "normal" resident of a mutant "X"-community. The hapless quartet visits a chocolate factory, where they spark off into an charmed cloth cabinet that transmits each other to the abode of Gnarnia (with a "G"). There they link up a ornate pirate captain as anyhow as earnest students of wizardry – as anyhow as converge forces with, in the road of others, a wise-but-horny lion to frustration the evil White Bitch of Gnarnia.

Lucy is the baby girl of a museum curator; Edward is an Mexican orphan; Susan is an adopted orphan like Namibia; with Peter is a student at the Mutant Academy. All four finally full up succeeding an epic exploration and Willy Wonka. When they determine that Willy attributes man installments as his products, they handle to flee by means of a wardrobe, instantly into Gnarnia, where they will engagement trained with betrayed by Harry Potter with the pirates of the Caribean respectively, with must pursuit the backing of Aslo to effort the invincible White Witch with her hordes. The financial financial statement move awry while one in all their incredibly own lands up individual seduced with after that abducted by her.

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