Director : Craig Richards

Release Date :

Genre : Comedy, Drama

Cast : (in credits order), Mark Donnell as Chip Douglas / Lube Handjacker, Ian Reed Kesler as Justin Rhoads, Aaron Kissinger as John Harris, Kim Woods as Tony Scinjelli, Louie Vanni as Rudy, Rodolfo Paz as Ramone Cordova / Ohbig Juan, Christopher McCafferty as Heath Campisi, Dirk Wallace as Detective Hardison, Ernesto Rosario as Bruce Schoning, Damon Buckley as Steven Needlebauer, Craig Richards as Kevin James, Rebecca Pinard Richards as Denise James, Lew McLaren as Mr. Johnson, Bill Dolla Dolla Jones as Bartender Dolla, Deone Carrie Jennings as Princess Good Laya, Daryl Watkins as Teen Chip, Anton Maxwell as Young Chip, Kimberly Ricketts as Barfly, Gary Hettrick as Melvin Wormwood, Catherine Johnson as Braces Lady / IL69 Droid, Lane Sampels as Advertising Agent, Caren Parmenter as Ramones Customer, Cory Fisher as Gaytransnecroped, Michael W. Chastain as 32 Ford S4U Droid (voice), Abby Perkins as Favorite Mistake Bartender, Cattie Chaicharn as Mini-Mart Clerk, Bill Ubu DeGroodt as Chips Dad, Jack French as Cadillac Customer, Patricia French as Cadillac Customer, Matt Umberger as Uniformed Officer 1, Lance Jones as Uniformed Officer 2, Don Gist as Scared Customer 1, De Gist as Scared Customer 2, Rex Ruckert as Stolen Customer 1, Casey Woodworth as Stolen Customer 2, Ben Olanyinka as Valedictorian, Martha Burkard as Female Officer, Rory Bauch as Bedroom Woman, Rebecca Driessen as Bedroom Woman, Chris Blankenship as Cooler Guy, Tony Fisher as School Auto Shop Teacher, Peter Daucsavage as Teen Chips Rival, Alexa Pinkard as Teen Chips Girlfriend, Jake Thomas as Teen Cockblocker, Travis Woods as Young Tony Scinjelli Rachel Allred as Car Lot Customer, Newt Alvis as High School Graduate, Maria Church as Bar Patron, Christina Flande as Car Lot Customer, Sam Flande as Car Lot Customer, Darren Gist as Bar Patron, Dale Hecht as Bar Patron, Danette Hecht as Bar Patron, Gordon Hilberg as High School Graduate, Ryan Huddleston as Bar Patron, Stanley Lathrom as Car Lot Customer, Christy Low as High School Graduate, Jon Musch as Bar Patron, Tyler Nordby as High School Graduate, Mario Quintana as Car Lot Customer, John L. Ramos as Car Lot Customer, Dave Rhodes as Car Lot Customer, John Schaefers as Car Lot Customer, Dylan Stuew as High School Graduate, Allison Swanson as Car Lot Customer, Ryan Swanson as Car Lot Customer, Jake Watkins as High School Graduate

Plot : Chip Douglas is a washed-out alcoholic motorcar salesman at a cast off motorcar lot. With the a nonstop availability of data more than the Internet… |

Run Time : 92 min

Country : USA

Language : English

Filming Locations : Albany, Oregon, USA

Company : Triple-X-celent Films

Plot Summary : Chip Douglas is a washed-out alcoholic motorcar salesman at a old motorcar lot. With the a continual availability of evidence way over the Internet, shoppers could nowadays find any evidence almost any motorcar they want. They could ascertain if its always been inside a wreck, theft recuperation or hose down upset through CARFAX. In addition, they could moreover ascertain a vehicles correct prospect by factory invoice or Kelly Blue Book, appearing virtually impracticable to variety any profit. Now, those likewise inside the problem are either struggling to get a lodge of scams to variety change at it, or to find out of it entirely. While Chip is at an off-track racing bar, he happens across a down notified a Molotov Cocktail. Thats while he gets the colossal information of burning a group of automobiles adding persons to change them. Chip afterward solicits his co-worker cousin John Harris to keep out his distressed plan. Everything operates out great, or hence they believe. Since the finalize lot the automobiles that were done for were savours their ahead of customers, they for sure turn into the value suspects given that the crime. During this time, the varied salespeople are turning out as well as their own streets to find out of the business. Ramone Cordova is a Mexican immigrant that moved to this geographical region hence medical examiners would do researches on his right-hand index finger. For different anonymous rationale this finger stretched to grow beyond he was absolutely progressed and, by this point, the digit grown to nine inches long. Since he wasnt gaining a great deal of of a alive at advertising cars, he make wide awake my mind to carry advertising one another awaiting he would turn into a titillating star. Ramone writes his own titillating screenplay that barely he would famous person in, contributing slapstick issues to the story. The in-your-face drollness is chattered by the antagonist, Justin Rhoads, who is a chemically-imbalanced schizophrenic along with delusional. Throughout the film, he daydreams almost killing his shoppers along with co-workers. He, inside a odd way, will sicken only almost every kind of individual he encounters, enjoying the recipient while he is framed given that arson along with coverage fraud.

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