Director : Steven Brill

Release Date :

Genre : Comedy, Drama, Family

Cast : (in credits order) (verified as complete), David Goldman as Nicholas, Joseph Wayne Miller as Sam, Cody Burger as Cody, Allen Covert as Kenny, Tim Blake Nelson as Roger Johnson, Nancy Ringham as Mrs. Maury Garner, Seth St. Laurent as Camp MVP Racer, Bobby Fain as Camp MVP Pitcher, Tom McGowan as Pat Finley, Aaron Schwartz as Gerald Gerry Garner, Shaun Weiss as Josh Burnbalm, Tom Hodges as Lars, Leah Lail as Julie, Paul Feig as Tim, Kenan Thompson as Roy, David Bowe as Chris Donelly, Max Goldblatt as Phillip Grubenov, Robert Zalkind as Simms, Patrick LaBrecque as Dawson (as Patrick La Brecque), Jeffrey Tambor as Maury Garner, Jerry Stiller as Harvey Bushkin, Anne Meara as Alice Bushkin, Ben Stiller as Tony Perkis / Tony Perkis Sr., Robert E. Spencer III as Soccer Goalie, Dustin Greer as Blob Master, Matthew R. Zboyovski as Hope Wall Climber, J.T. Alessi as Balloon Shaver, Chris Snyder as Baseball Scorekeeper, Aubrey Dollar as Camp Magnolia Girl, Mary Holt Fickes as Camp Magnolia Girl, Jamie Olson as Camp Magnolia Girl, Lauren Hill as Angelic Girl, Landry M. Constantino as Kissing Girl, Lois Yaroshefsky as Camp Magnolia Counselor, Mathew Bradley King as Gerrys School Buddy, Deena Dill as Stewardess, Tom Kelley as Man on Plane, Lars Clark as Jack Garner, Judd Apatow as Homer C. Michael Haynes as Principal Parent

Plot : Plump youngsters are baited into sealing a posh plumpness camp as well as the vow of rapid obesity bereavement along with satisfactory times, merely to put down as that the package is a forest hellhole flood by a psycho ex-fitness instructor.

Run Time : 100 min

Country : USA

Language : English

Filming Locations : Camp Pinnacle – 4080 Little River Road, Hendersonville, North Carolina, USA

Company : Caravan Pictures

Trivia : While Ben Stiller played the series of both Tony Perkins in addition to his father, the Bushkins were played by his bona fide parents, Jerry Stiller in addition to Anne Meara.

Goofs : Crew or furniture visible: When the campers search out on the bus bask in the plane, a cameraman is mulled over inside the bus door.

Plot Summary : 11-year-old Gerald Gerry Garner lives inside Hendersonville, North Carolina, in addition to hes overweight. Gerrys parents Maury in addition to Mrs. Garner conceive to send Gerry to Camp Hope, a camp since overweight boys. The camp is owned by tenderly Harvey Bushkin in addition to his equally group mate Alice Bushkin. When the Bushkins insist economic ruin in addition to conceive to step sip for the camps owners, the camp is paid for by a puzzling observed Tony Perkis. Tony aims to power the campers to lose for a large amount of plumpness for they can, in addition to he additionally intends to composition the marathon peeling off of plumpness in addition to avenue it since an infomercial since his slenderizing program. In the eyes of the campers, Tony has meant Camp Hope a in existence hell. As Gerry in addition to counsel Pat Finley usher the efforts to overthrow Tony, the campers plan since the Apache Relay opposed to arch adversary Camp MVP. The Apache Relay is a family of race inside which Camp Hope has by no means conquered Camp MVP before.

Jerry, an overweight pre-teen, is sent to a fat farm given that the summer, baited by the commitment of go-karts in addition to swimming fun. When he arrives, however, he finds that the camp has been purchased out by an exercise/fitness wise person whose psychological stability directly deteriorates. Jerry in addition to his friends–including a expert whose been there 18 years–finally product a stand.

Schools out as the summer, also Gerry Garner zealously forecasts weeks of lazing close to the house. That is, awaiting his parents indicate to him that they go through signed him wakeful as a rite at Camp Hope, a fat camp that, unbeknownst to Gerry, is on the breaking point of troth procured out by spiritually unhinged training adviser Tony Perkis, also circled into a rigorous healthiness provision as youths. Tony pumps the entertaining out of the full summer, and, along furthermore his colleague Lars, punishes anyone who seeks to rout his totalitarian cuddle on the camp. Together along furthermore his latest friends also the camps primary staff, Gerry must bring to a standstill Tonys malicious regime, also obtain muck inside with the camp at the total lot costs.

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