Director : Kevin Cooper

Release Date :

Genre : Comedy

Cast : , Beverly DAngelo as Sheila, Steve Guttenberg as Stubbs, Steve Lemme as J.T. ONeil, Alfonso Arau as Raoul, Michael Yurchak as Flavio, Philippe Brenninkmeyer as Mattias Ober, Walt Sloan as Board Member, Andy Luther as Cop #2, Heidi Johanningmeier as Gabby Frankenfurter, Dante Brown as Andrew, Greg Hollimon as COP #1, Dusan Brown as Dash, Rylie Behr as Chandler ONeil, Brenda Pickleman as Beatrice Carmichael, Billy Dec as Party Patron, Danny Glenn as Maniac Dog Groomer, Max Zuppa as Sergei Demonic, Janet Ulrich Brooks as Estelle Willinger, Peter Fitzsimmons as Homeless Man, Sandy Gulliver as Board Member, Roslyn Alexander as Mrs. Ellrich, Lanny Lutz as Harold Carmichael, Mike Falevits as Godfather, Sharon Kluge as Grandma, Justin Frommelt as Red Headed Boy, Joel Wiersema as Banana Cream Pie Waiter, Matthew Bender as Chef, Erin Payton as Karen, Charlie Ramsey as Board Member#5, Megan Lacey as Restaurant Patron #4, Pete Fitzsimmons as Vampire 1, Matthew Sargent as Additional Ober Chef#4, Nathan Ayala as Board Member#2, Jeff Piszczek as Board Room Orchestra#2, Eileen Montelione as Stephanie, Noel Joseph as Sanjay, Sam Alexander as Mr. Ellrich, Timothy Tamisiea as Waiter#6, Tom Sargent as Additional Ober Chef#3, Kathleen Gough as Woman#1 in CBW lobby, Andy St. Clair as Oskar Jerski, Louis Canepa as Waiter#3, Kenneth Gregory Cook as Board Member#3, Karen Emma Anderson as Guest#2, Tom Cloud as Man in CBW lobby, Blake Cline as Board Room Chef#3, Dianna Noun as Bath Tub Attendant#2, Michelle Reed as Additional Ober Chef#2, Philip Cameli as Sergeis Thug#1, Paul Kolosoki as Waiter#5, Sue Purdom as Woman#2 in CBW lobby, Deshon Triplett as Additional Ober Chef#1, John Sorensen as Sergeis Thug#4, Carol Rigrod as Guest#1, Raminder Chadha as Sanjays Father, Keith Lacey III as Patrons#3 in Restaurant, Nora Xavier as Sanjays Mother, Kiu Mostowfi as Restaurant Patron #5, Frances Cabeen as Storyteller, Joelle Mologousis as Toledo Kid#4, Brandon M. Tisby as Board Room Chef#5, Jerry M. Miller as Farmer, Ebony as Shakey, Lena Dansdill as Bath Tub Attendant#1, Caroline Franklin as Board Room Orchestra#1, Ziandra Torrico as Waiter#7, Joshua Brokopp as Toledo Kid#1, Andy Rigrod as Board Room Chef#4, Scott D. Pellock as Board Room Chef#6, Jordan Ingram as Sergeis Thug#2, Caitlin Camp as Woman#1 in Restaurant, Joshua Love as Sergeis Thug#3, Shawn Block as Waiter, Paul B. Payne as Chuck, Laraine Baker as Board Room Chef#1, Sean Giambrone as Toledo Kid#3, Mireille Baldwin Payne as Woman#2 in Restaurant, Manish Shah as Board Member#6, Allison Lacey as Patrons#2 in Restaurant, Ray Duran as Waiter#2, Maxim Strzelecki as Toledo Kid#5, Alyssa Urgo as Toledo Kid#6, Stacey Smith as Farmers wife, Ben Mostowfi as Board Member#4, Thayer Cooper as Toledo Kid#2, Lori Ruth Cook as Board Member, Sarah J. Gough as Waiter#4, Terry Gehring as Patrons#1 in Restaurant, Andy Carey as Vampire#2, Robert Stauber as Board Room Orchestra#3 , Ericka Johnson as , Adam Shalzi as , Angela Sprinkle as

Plot : Shakey is a set motion picture around a 35-year-old widower noticed J.T. ONeil, his precocious 10-year-old female child also their fanatical mutt Shakey… |

Run Time : USA:90 min | USA:90 min

Country : USA

Language : English

Company : Amarok Productions

Plot Summary : Shakey is a model motion picture almost a 35-year-old widower noted J.T. ONeil, his precocious 10-year-old female descendant furthermore their fanatical mutt Shakey. After pouring fancy a petite town to Chicago furthermore misplaced the o.k. print inside their rental contract, J.T. is constraint to seek furthermore put off his cute pooch. Shakey furthermore Chandler wont go through it furthermore hatch a concept to stock Shakey furthermore inform J.T. a precious experience almost loyalty furthermore the soundness of keeping order together…

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