Director : Chris Columbus

Release Date :

Genre : Comedy, Drama, Family

Cast : (in credits order) (verified as complete), Robin Williams as Daniel Hillard / Mrs. Euphegenia Doubtfire, Sally Field as Miranda Hillard, Pierce Brosnan as Stuart Stu Dunmeyer, Harvey Fierstein as Uncle Frank Hillard, Polly Holliday as Gloria Chaney, Lisa Jakub as Lydia Lydie Hillard, Matthew Lawrence as Christopher Chris Hillard, Mara Wilson as Natalie Nattie Hillard, Robert Prosky as Jonathan Lundy, Anne Haney as Mrs. Sellner – the Social Worker, Scott Capurro as Aunt Jack Hillard, Sydney Walker as Bus Driver, Martin Mull as Justin Gregory, Terence McGovern as A.D.R. Director Lou, Karen Kahn as Employee, Eva Gholson as Employee, James Cunningham as Employee, Ralph Peduto as Cop, Scott Beach as Judge, Juliette Marshall as Mirandas Attorney, Drew Letchworth as Daniels Attorney, Jessica Myerson as Granny Warden – Mirandas Mother, Sharon Lockwood as Alice, Jim Cullen as Thug, Kenneth Loo as Staring Boy #1, Jeff Loo as Staring Boy #2, Betsy Monroe as Stunning Woman, Joseph Narducci as Delivery Boy, James Cranna as Ron, Dr. Toad as Bartender, Adele Proom as Lundys Secretary, Rick Overton as Maitre D, Dan Spencer as Cook, Paul Guilfoyle as Head Chef, Molly McClure as Housekeeper, Andy Prosky as T.V. Director (as Andrew L. Prosky), William Newman as Mr. Sprinkles – the Mailman, Chris Pray as Puppeteer / Voice of Kovacs the Chimp, Geoff Bolt as Lundys Waiter, Dick Bright as Stuarts Waiter, Adam Bryant as Man in Mens Room, Tavia Cathcart as Hostess Tanya, C. Beau Fitzsimons as Valet, Jeff Moeller as Valet, Benne Alder as Woman in Restroom Joe Bellan as T.V. Boss, Smadar Hanson as Waitress, Mary Mackey as Restaurant Guest

Plot : After a bitter divorce, an artiste disguises himself since a lady housekeeper to use up confidential duration in addition to his youth caught up inside custody by his Ex.

Run Time : 125 min

Country : USA

Language : English

Filming Locations : 100 Embarcadero Street, San Francisco, California, USA

Company : Blue Wolf

Trivia : KTVU is an valid tv station approved to Oakland, California, as anyways as the image (circle as anyways as total 2) hand-me-down inside the show is the valid image the station systems to this daylight (November 2005).

Goofs : Factual errors: Miranda, a specialist decorator, recommends a 17th Century splendid piano since Stuarts BB. The piano is an 18th Century invention, moment the splendid piano, because we discern it, was not purported till the overdue 19th Century. What made ready exist inside the 17th Century (which inside truth resembled a piano) was a harpsichord.

Plot Summary : Out of task father Daniel Hilliard estimate himself swiftly divorced without custody of his kids. To resolve this problem, he disguises himself since an ancient Scottish nanny to search out hired by his ex-wife in addition to troth closer to his kids.

Daniel Hillard is a arrangement peg inside a square hole player who specializes inside dubbing voices because comic strip characters. Daniel is a division mature person plus a loving father to his three adolescents Lydia, Chris, plus Natalie, excluding Daniels helpmate Miranda sees him since a displaced disciplinarian, plus a horrific role model. After Daniel throws an showy plus harmful centenary have fun because Chris, Miranda reaches the whole of her constrained patience, plus records because a divorce. Daniel is heartbroken while Miranda is offered custody of the adolescents plus hes simply granted to go for holiday at one another one time a week. Determined to stay inside articulation along furthermore his kids, Daniel discovers that Miranda is yearning because a housekeeper, plus along furthermore get anyone out of a tight spot like his blood brother Frank, a subtlety artist, Daniel gets the job, disguised since Mrs. Iphegenia Doubtfire, a Scottish nanny. Daniel does the ruse hence anyhow that neither Miranda nor his youth understand him, plus inside the process, he learns sundry parenting tips. Daniel furthermore has to traumatize Mirandas brand new boyfriend, a wrench noticed Stu Dunmeyer.

Daniel Hillard is a harassed father who loses his vocation inside which he achieves voices for the explanation that a cartoon. When he throws a astonish wedding anniversary go on a spree for the explanation that his son, Chris, the finalize thing takes out a flip for the explanation that the worst. Daniels wife, Miranda, has capable it as well as Daniel with needs a divorce. When the break-up hearings arrive, Daniel is denied custody of the children, however is admitted visitations. Seeing his youth just the once a week isnt enough, thence Daniel pretends to engagement Mrs. Doubtfire, an of age grown person who is hired for the Hillards housekeeper. Daniels behavior turns out to engagement exaggeratedly good, however, with leads to terminal consequences.

Daniel Hillard likes to entertain children. Currently his job, is granting voices since cartoons, nonetheless whilst he disagrees along furthermore the photo that the workshop requests to communicate to children, he loses his job. It is likewise his sons bicentennial as in any case as feling sip as in any case as needing to do something really extraordinary since him, he throws a nuts childrens party. When his helpmate Miranda comes household as in any case as finds the place of dwelling inside shambles as in any case as beyond the entirety settles, she tells Daniel that they are on variegated streets as in any case as thinks that they should separate. Because Daniels unemployed the assess feels that its top if Daniel capture his vitality inside request first, therefore he allows Daniel to spot his tykes simply one and only daylight a week. But Daniel cant endure to troth aloof from his tykes therefore long; therefore whilst Miranda decides to take into service a housekeeper, Daniel adapt the commercial as in any case as ways out it himself as in any case as pretends to troth Mrs. Doubtfire, donning a disguise he becomes the novel housekeeper.

How distant might a boring father set out to fritter away further long period of time in addition to his children? Daniel Hillard is no regular father, consequently while he learns his ex-wife entails a housekeeper, he applies as the job. With the great wig, to a petite degree eminence along with a clothes as the entirety occasions, he becomes Mrs. Doubtfire, a constant British nanny who is hired on the spot. Free to engagement the woman he on no account knew he would be, the disguised Daniel creates a full latest existence in addition to his comprehensive family.

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