Director : P.J. Hogan

Release Date :

Genre : Comedy, Drama, Romance

Cast : (in credits order) (verified as complete), Sophie Lee as Tania Degano, Roz Hammond as Cheryl (as Rosalind Hammond), Toni Collette as Muriel Heslop, Belinda Jarrett as Janine, Pippa Grandison as Nicole, Bill Hunter as Bill Heslop, Jeanie Drynan as Betty Heslop, Dan Wyllie as Perry Heslop (as Daniel Wyllie), Gabby Millgate as Joanie Heslop, Gennie Nevinson as Deidre Chambers, Rachel Griffiths as Rhonda Epinstalk, Matt Day as Brice Nobes, Chris Haywood as Ken Blundell, Daniel Lapaine as David Van Arkle, Susan Prior as Girl at Wedding, Nathan Kaye as Peter Chook Vernell, Cecily Polson as Tanias Mother, Rob Steele as Leo Higgins, Genevive Picot as Store Detective (as Genevieve Picot), Richard Sutherland as Constable Saunders, Steve Smith as Constable Gillespie, Katie Saunders as Penelope Heslop, Dene Kermond as Malcolm Heslop, Jeamin Lee as Chinese Waitress, Jon-Claire Lee as Chinese Maitre d, Kuni Hashimoto as Akira, Ken Senga as Victor Keinosuke, Des Rodgers as Island MC, Rohan Jones as Restaurant Boy, Scott Hall-Watson as Restaurant Boy, Craig Olson as Restaurant Boy, Justin Witham as Restaurant Boy, Rodney Arnold as Ejected Diner, Barry Crocker as Himself, Steve Cox as Cruise Taxi Driver, Kevin Copeland as Sailor, James Schramko as Sailor, Richard Morecroft as Himself, Richard Carter as Federal Policeman, John Gaden as Doctor, Heather Mitchell as Bridal Manageress #1, Heidi Lapaine as Bridal Assistant #1, Diane Smith as Physiotherapist, Darrin Klimek as Rhondas Taxi Driver, Penne Hackforth-Jones as Bridal Manageress #2, Kirsty Hinchcliffe as Bridal Assistant #2, Robert Alexander as Barrister, Troy Hardy as Young Boy, Robyn Pitt Owen as Singer at Muriels Wedding, Annie Byron as Rhondas Mother, Jacqueline Linke as Press at Muriels Wedding, Alvaro Marques as Press at Muriels Wedding, Fiona Sullivan as Press at Muriels Wedding, Ineke Rapp as Press at Muriels Wedding, Julian Garner as Press at Muriels Wedding, Vincent Ball as Priest, John Hoare as Well Wisher at Muriels Wedding, Frankie Davidson as Sergeant, Louise Cullen as Deidres Friend, Basil Clarke as Funeral Priest, John Walton as Taxi Driver Daniel Hepner as Groomsman, John Michael Howson as Himself, Fred Rouady as Bartender

Plot : Muriel finds existence inside Porpoise Spit, Australia lackluster plus spends her time unaided inside her shelter paying attention to Abba music plus imagining of her wedding ceremony day… |

Run Time : 106 min

Country : Australia | France

Language : English

Filming Locations : CentrePoint Tower, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Company : CiBy 2000

Trivia : The writer/director P.J. Hogan sought after to thoroughfare the music of ABBA inside the film. At first, permission as the music to troth cast off was denied. When the director promised to soar to Europe to plead his case to the founders of the band, permission was granted, only if the band got curl of a percent of the movie profits. The movie spinned out to troth a full-size international hit, as in any case as consequently accommodated kindle the awfully unbeaten Broadway enter which became the picture Mamma Mia! (2008).

Goofs : Continuity: When Rhonda appears at Tanias marriage ceremony ring, she holds Tanias hand along furthermore two hands, at that time single inside the subsequently shot.

Plot Summary : Muriel finds continuation inside Porpoise Spit, Australia lackluster as anyways as spends her existence unaccompanied inside her cell paying attention to Abba music as anyways as fantasizing of her wedding ceremony day. Slight problem, Muriel has not at all gone through a date. Then she steals a number of wealth to proceed a steamy vacation, meets a strange friend, permit her remark to Mariel, as anyways as turns her planet upside down.

Living inside Porpoise Spit, Australia, twenty-two each year of age Muriel Heslop is a socially miserable (she unfashionably plus unabashedly listens to Abba (I) music), a bit overweight, directionless man in addition to few existence or connoisseur skills. Her lack of self-esteem is gave a boost to by the prolonged verbal sludge engineered at her – plus at her siblings – by their politician father, who blames anything dogmatic dilemma he has on his family, who he deems to troth a public embarrassment to him. Muriels self-esteem gets rid of a similarly blow while her so-called friends – the recognized girls bask in expensive breed – subtract her bask in their social circle. Muriel resorts to theft to type herself happy. Her existence adapt while she operates into one more assistant bask in expensive school, Rhonda Epinstock. Also not inside the recognized social gyrate inside expensive school, Rhonda is nowadays a gregarious, carefree gal who might imagine Muriels appetite for the purpose that an equally carefree life. The two switched over to Sydney together. Out bask in below the urge complaint of her father, Muriel feels that she might nowadays deposit at the back of her the entirety the dilemma of Muriel Heslop, also varying her quote to Mariel to get away those problems. She similarly feels she might nowadays pull off truthful happiness, her fundamental purpose individual to capture married. Despite coming as far away as dilemma in addition to her school plus an additional severe matter in addition to Rhonda, Muriel seizes on whatsoever she sees for an opening to pull off her fundamental goal. But a similarly matter in addition to her school brackets Muriel in the end forge to the realization of whatsoever is truthfully top-notch inside her life.

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