Director : Mel Brooks

Release Date :

Genre : Adventure, Comedy

Cast : (in credits order) (verified as complete), Cary Elwes as Robin Hood, Richard Lewis as Prince John, Roger Rees as Sheriff of Rottingham, Amy Yasbeck as Marian, Mark Blankfield as Blinkin, Dave Chappelle as Ahchoo (as David Chappelle), Isaac Hayes as Asneeze, Megan Cavanagh as Broomhilde, Eric Allan Kramer as Little John, Matthew Porretta as Will Scarlet OHara, Tracey Ullman as Latrine, Patrick Stewart as King Richard, Dom DeLuise as Don Giovanni, Dick Van Patten as The Abbot, Robert Ridgely as The Hangman, Mel Brooks as Rabbi Tuckman, Steve Tancora as Filthy Luca, Joe Dimmick as Dirty Ezio, Avery Schreiber as Tax Assessor, Chuck McCann as Villager, Brian George as Dungeon Maitre D, Zitto Kazann as Head Saracen Guard, Richard Assad as Assistant Saracen Guard, Herman Poppe as Sheriffs Guard, Clive Revill as Fire Marshall, Joe Baker as Angry Villager, Carol Arthur as Complaining Villager, Kelly Jones Gabriele as Buxom Lass (as Kelly Jones), Clement von Franckenstein as Royal Announcer (as Clement Von Franckenstein), Corbin Allred as Young Lad, Chase Masterson as Giggling Court Lady, Don Lewis as Mime, Roger Owens as Peanut Vendor, Patrick Valenzuela as Lead Camel Jockey, Steffon as Sherwood Forest Rapper-Dancer, Dante Henderson as Sherwood Forest Rapper-Dancer, Bryant Baldwin as Sherwood Forest Rapper-Dancer, Diesko Boyland Jr. as Sherwood Forest Rapper-Dancer, Edgar Godineaux Jr. as Sherwood Forest Rapper-Dancer, Johnny Dean Harvey as Merry Men Dancer, Tyce Diorio as Merry Men Dancer (as Keith Diorio), Joseph R. McKee as Merry Men Dancer, Nathan Prevost as Merry Men Dancer, Don Hesser as Merry Men Dancer, Bill Bohl as Merry Men Dancer, Christopher D. Childers as Merry Men Dancer (as Chris Childers), Raymond Del Barrio as Merry Men Dancer, Malcolm Danare as Inept Archer, Edwin Hale as Inept Archer, Nick Jameson as Inept Archer, Peter Pitofsky as Inept Archer, Nicholas Rempel as Inept Archer, Rudy De Luca as Party Guest, Matthew Saks as Party Guest, Robin Shepard as Party Guest, Dee Gubin as Party Guest, Brad Grunberg as Wedding Guest (as Johnny Cocktails), Lisa Cordray as Wedding Guest, Laurie Main as Wedding Guest, Elaine Ballace as Wedding Guest, Stuart Schreiber as Wedding Guest, James Van Patten as Villager, Ira Miller as Villager, Lillian DArc as Villager, Patrick Brymer as Villager, Robert Noble as Villager, Henry Kaiser as Villager, Tony Tanner as Villager, Diana Chesney as Villager, James Glaser as Villager, Ronny Graham as Villager David DeLuise as Villager, Debbie James as Marian (singing voice), Danny McBride as Merry Man, Arthur Rubin as Robin Hood (singing voice), Marc Ian Sklar as Merry Man, Tim Storms as Merry Man

Plot : A spoof of Robin Hood inside general, plus Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves inside particular.

Run Time : 104 min

Country : France | USA

Language : English

Filming Locations : California, USA

Company : Brooksfilms

Trivia : In the Jerusalem prison, as soon as the type safeguard Muktar asks Chuchim as the vocabulary looseners to plan to search out Robin Hood to talk, three of the distinctive prisoners gasp inside horror, with at the similar time, imitate the See-no-evil Hear-no-evil Speak-no-evil pose.

Goofs : Continuity: When the townsmen lend Robin their ears the ear on his arrow cartridge alters mind-set along with the ear fully inside between scenes.

Plot Summary : The normal account of Robin Hood: Evil Prince John is oppressing the individuals sec fine King Richard is somewhere else on the Crusades. Robin steals cherish the tax collectors, wins an archery contest, defeats the Sheriff, with rescues Maid Marian. In this version, however, Mel Brooks adds his own intimate touch, parodying traditional exploit films, romance films, with the complete suggestion of masses pouring with statement to the woods inside tights.

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