Director : Lukas Moodysson

Release Date :

Genre : Comedy, Drama, Romance

Cast : (in credits order) (complete, awaiting verification), Alexandra Dahlstrm as Elin Olsson, Rebecka Liljeberg as Agnes Ahlberg (as Rebecca Liljeberg), Erica Carlson as Jessica Olsson, Mathias Rust as Johan Hulth, Stefan Hrberg as Markus, Josefine Nyberg as Viktoria (as Josefin Nyberg), Ralph Carlsson as Agnes Father Olof, Maria Hedborg as Agnes Mother Karin, Axel Widegren as Agnes Little Brother Oskar, Jill Ung as Elins Mother Birgitta, Lisa Skagerstam as Camilla, Lina Svantesson as Malin, Johanna Larsson as Sara, Elinor Johansson as Jenny, Jessica Melkersson as Sabina, Bo Lyckman as Man in Car, Daniel Teider as Johans Little Brother, Nils Bjrkman as Bengtsson, Per Larsn as Teacher #1 (as Per Larsen), Kenneth Larsson as Teacher #2, Karl Strandlind as Ice Hockey Coach, Peter Teider as Marcus Friend, Linda Malmqvist as Sobbing Girl, Christer Almar as Extra, Michael Andersson as Extra, Therse Andreasson as Extra, Rialda Arifovic as Extra, Sanella Arifovic as Extra, Fredrik Arrelid as Extra, Vanessa Babot as Extra, Josphine Bordi as Extra, Sandra Bostrm as Extra, Betty Carlsson as Extra, Alain Carlstein as Extra, Elias Chamoun as Extra, Maikel Chamoun as Extra, John Ole Dahl-Olsen as Extra, Dlawer Dalawe as Extra, Mikaela Eklund as Extra, Elin Fransson as Extra, Kim Fransson as Extra, Fredrik Gunnarsson as Extra, Lina Gustafsson as Extra, Susanna Gustafsson as Extra, Grazyna Gransson as Extra, Peter Hildingsson as Extra, Malin Hultgren as Extra, Max Hylander as Extra, Carolina Johansson as Extra (as Caroline Johansson), Niklas Johansson as Extra, Petra Johansson as Extra, Daniel Karlsson as Extra, Linda Karlsson as Extra, Andreas Kvist as Extra, Mrten Lauvall as Extra, Jonas Lenberg as Extra, Josephine Lewing as Extra, Carl-Johan Lext as Extra, Jonas Lindell as Extra, Robert Lindqvist as Extra, Frida Lundby as Extra, Jonas Lnn as Extra, Anton Lwek as Extra, Rebecka Martikainen as Extra, Emma Massey as Extra, Andreas Mattson as Extra, Daniel Mattson as Extra, Modar Mohanna as Extra, Elisabet Nilebck as Extra, Mikael Nordman as Extra, Martin Nyholm as Extra, Petra Nyman as Extra, Joakim Olofsson as Extra, Kalle Rosborg as Extra, Vlora Shabani as Extra, Martin Storsen as Extra, Johanna Strm as Extra, Jonna Sundqvist as Extra, Patrik Strm as Extra, Boyar Syla as Extra, Linda Syla as Extra, Magnus Thell as Extra, Gustav Tgne as Extra, Sofia Wennberg as Extra Tobias Andersson as Extra

Plot : Two teen girls inside small-town Sweden. Elin is beautiful, popular, as at any rate as bored stiff and life. Agnes is friendless, sad, as at any rate as secretly inside tenderness and Elin.

Run Time : 89 min

Country : Sweden | Denmark

Language : Swedish

Filming Locations : Film i Vst, Nohab Industrial Estate, Trollhttan, Vstra Gtalands ln, Sweden

Company : Memfis Film

Trivia : When Agnes primarily gives the impression at Elins depiction inside the yearbook, Elins preceding say may well briefly troth realized inside the lower exact bend of the screen. It is Olsson

Goofs : Continuity: When Agnes is lying on the bed screeching also her father is desk bound at the adjoining of her, the appearence of her hair adapt numerous long road aways between shots.

Plot Summary : Åmål is a trivial little town where zero eternally happens, where the most modern trends are archaic while they get adapt of there. Young Elin has to a trivial degree of a ghastly standing while it comes to guys, save for the essential is that she has certainly not finished *it*. Another babe inside her school, Agnes, is inside attachment along furthermore her save for is exaggeratedly shy to do whatsoever just about it. For other reasons, Elin finishes up at Agnes wedding anniversary live it up because the barely guest. They taste a girls dead night out in concert save for afterward Elin desperately avoids Agnes, refusing to still accept as correct that her own homosexuality.

The sixteen per annum archaic Agnes Ahlberg has been alive inside the petite Swedish town of Åmål along furthermore her categorization as only per annum with half, excluding she has no friends. She secretly savours her renowned set buddy Elin Olsson, a damsel bored to death along furthermore the lack of outlook of Åmål. At Agness wedding anniversary party, Elin kisses her with permit their lives.

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