Director : Alexander Payne

Release Date :

Genre : Comedy, Drama, Romance

Cast : (in credits order) (verified as complete), Paul Giamatti as Miles, Thomas Haden Church as Jack, Virginia Madsen as Maya, Sandra Oh as Stephanie, Marylouise Burke as Miless Mother, Jessica Hecht as Victoria, Missy Doty as Cammi, M.C. Gainey as Cammis Husband, Alysia Reiner as Christine Erganian, Shake Tukhmanyan as Mrs. Erganian (as Shak Toukhmanian), Shaun Duke as Mike Erganian (as Duke Moosekian), Robert Covarrubias as Miless Building Manager, Patrick Gallagher as Gary the Bartender, Stephanie Faracy as Stephanies Mother, Joe Marinelli as Frass Canyon Pourer, Chris Burroughs as Chris at Stanford, Toni Howard as Evelyn Berman-Silverman (voice), Khoren Babouchian as Armenian Priest (as Rev. Fr. Khoren Babouchian), Lee Brooks as Ken Cortland, Peter Dennis as Leslie Brough, Alison Herson as Foxen Winery Pourer, Phil Reeves as Vacationing Dr. Walt Hendricks, Rob Trow as Obnoxious Golfer, Lacey Rae as Los Olivos Waitress, Cesar Ramos as Barista (as Cesar Cheeser Ramos), Daniel Rogers as Reciting Eighth Grader, Natalie Carter as Siena, Simon Kassis as Mini-Mart Owner, Sevag Kendirjian as Armenian Deacon, Jaren Coler as Acoustic Guitarist Chris Astoyan as Mrs. Erganians Son, JR Garcia as Little Boy, Adolf Hitler as Himself (archive footage), Alex Kalognomos as Alex, Logan Mulvey as Waiter, Parker Quinn as Customer in Shoe Store, Mikael Sharafyan as Armenian Wedding Guest

Plot : Two persons accomplishing heart occasion in addition to not a good deal of to come up other than disappointment, come out on a week prolonged trait stumble ended Californias wine country, without problems united is getting prepared to receive a stumble sip the aisle.

Run Time : 126 min

Country : USA

Language : English | Armenian

Filming Locations : Buellton, California, USA

Company : Fox Searchlight Pictures

Trivia : Most of the wine cast off inside the wine-tasting scenes was non-alcoholic. The actors upset wakeful drinking consequently a lot of of it that it configured each other scandalized (and versed to every consequently often converted to the genuine fad to crystalline out their palates).

Goofs : Continuity: When the two guys originally join up Stephanie, inside solitary shot, we catch a glimpse her inside the pathway of half-filling Miles wine glass. It subsequently cuts to a spreading picture indulge in behind, save for his transom is merely neck of the woods jam-packed for she continues to pour

Plot Summary : Miles is a failed person behind in existence a meager days inside San Diego for an English teacher. With his line of business seemingly waning furthermore the fortune of a textbook hinging on a publishers decision, Miles is bad and himself furthermore whatever he hasnt achieved. Jack is a tv player whom diverse realize although not numerous do, for if he were a petty player who acquired a experience of success. With his relief Miles, the two begin on a style touch off done Californias wine country. Miles wishes to collapse his comrade a wonderful sendoff earlier than conjoined life, sec Jack only wishes to labor under a sling beforehand. As theyre both on the horizon center episode and not a good deal of to reach one’s destination for the basis that it, the two will look into the vineyards sec sooner or later longing for the basis that their identities.

A week previous the conjugal relationship of his colossal friend, the decadent player Jack, the bitter discouraged person who wrote it divorced oenologist English mentor Miles Raymond travels as well as him to the wine geographical region of California to expend a week together. While Miles intends to gulp wine also manipulate golf, Jack in fact intends to score also draw laid as well as for ample women for possible. While hosted inside the Windmill Inn, they converge the waitress Maya also the attendant Stephanie, also they expend miscelanneous long procedure away together, visiting assorted wine makers also and Miles also Maya disclosing their inner secrets also caving in tenderness for the basis that each other.

Miles Raymond, a failed creator with divorc who teaches junior overpriced grading English removes his finest friend, past blistering performer Jack, on a weeklong policy wide awake to Californias wine country. There they cross-check the behaviour of their failures with research their relationships. Jack, near to obtain married, has an business as well as a porno man with marvels whether he should reach off his wedding. Miles cross-examinations whether or not he envisioned the factual decision minute attempting to produce a relationship as well as the womans finest friend, a guy¸ man oenophile who is a waitress at a eating place that he frequents frequently once visiting that share of the country.

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