Director : Joel Coen (more)

Release Date :

Genre : Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Romance

Cast : (in credits order) (verified as complete), Tim Robbins as Norville Barnes, Jennifer Jason Leigh as Amy Archer, Paul Newman as Sidney J. Mussburger, Charles Durning as Waring Hudsucker, John Mahoney as Chief, Jim True-Frost as Buzz (as Jim True), Bill Cobbs as Moses, Bruce Campbell as Smitty, Harry Bugin as Aloysius, John Seitz as Benny, Joe Grifasi as Lou, Roy Brocksmith as Board Member, John Wylie as Board Member, I.M. Hobson as Board Member, Gary Allen as Board Member, John Scanlan as Board Member, Richard Woods as Board Member, Jerome Dempsey as Board Member (as Jerome Dempsy), Peter McPherson as Board Member, David Byrd as Dr. Hugo Bronfenbrenner, Christopher Darga as Mail Room Orienter, Patrick Cranshaw as Ancient Sorter (as Pat Cranshaw), Robert Weil as Mail Room Boss, Mary Lou Rosato as Mussburgers Secretary, Ernest Sarracino as Luigi the Tailor (as Ernie Sarracino), Eleanor Glockner as Mrs. Mussburger, Kathleen Perkins as Mrs. Braithwaite, Joseph Marcus as Sears Braithwaite of Bullard, Peter Gallagher as Vic Tenetta, Noble Willingham as Zebulon Cardoza, Barbara Ann Grimes as Mrs. Cardoza, Thom Noble as Thorstenson Finlandson, Steve Buscemi as Beatnik Barman, William Duff-Griffin as Newsreel Scientist, Anna Nicole Smith as Za-Za, Pamela Everett as Dream Dancer, Arthur Bridgers as The Hula-Hoop Kid (as Arthur Bridges), Sam Raimi as Hudsucker Brainstormer, John Cameron as Hudsucker Brainstormer, Skipper Duke as Mr. Grier, Jay Kapner as Mr. Levin, Jon Polito as Mr. Bumstead, Richard Whiting as Ancient Puzzler, Linda McCoy as Coffee Shop Waitress, Stan Adams as Emcee, John Goodman as Newsreel Announcer (as Karl Mundt), Joanne Pankow as Newsreel Secretary, Mario Todisco as Norvilles Goon, Colin Fickes as Newsboy, Dick Sasso as Drunk in Alley, Jesse Brewer as Mailroom Screamer, Philip Loch as Mailroom Screamer (as Phil Loch), Stan Lichtenstein as Mailroom Screamer, Todd Alcott as Mailroom Screamer, Ace OConnell as Mailroom Screamer, Richard Schiff as Mailroom Screamer, Frank Jeffreys as Mailroom Screamer (as Frank Jeffries), Lou Criscuolo as Mailroom Screamer, Michael Earl Reid as Mailroom Screamer, Mike Starr as Newsroom Reporter, David Hagar as Newsroom Reporter (as Dave Hagar), Willie Reale as Newsroom Reporter, Harvey Meyer as Newsroom Reporter, Tom Toner as Newsroom Reporter, David Fawcett as Newsroom Reporter, Jeff Still as Newsreel Reporter, David Gould as Newsreel Reporter, Gil Pearson as Newsreel Reporter, Marc Garber as Newsreel Reporter, David Massie as Newsreel Reporter, Mark Jeffrey Miller as Newsreel Reporter (as Mark Miller), Peter Siragusa as Newsreel Reporter, Nelson George as Newsreel Reporter, Michael Houlihan as Newsreel Reporter, Ed Lillard as Newsreel Reporter, Wantland Sandel as New Years Mob, James Deuter as New Years Mob, Roderick Peeples as New Years Mob (as Rick Peeples), Cynthia Baker as New Years Mob Catherine Bayley as Temple Masseuse, Bryan Keith DeBose as Orderly, Steve Head as Security Guard, Jack Rooney as Man at Merchandise Mart, Keith Schrader as Businessman

Plot : A impractical problem graduate is installed since president of a developing organization since allocation of a keep scam.

Run Time : 111 min

Country : UK | Germany | USA

Language : English

Filming Locations : Chicago, Illinois, USA

Company : PolyGram Filmed Entertainment

Trivia : The familiar, quick-tempo song heard as soon as the kids are securing a enraptured take off to the toy supermarket to pay for the Hula-Hoops is reached Sabre Dance. It was written by Aram Khachaturian plus is featured inside his ballet, Gayane. The song is frequently interrelated along furthermore juggling acts plus such.

Goofs : Continuity: When the camera area switches to crop up Waring Hudsucker drink at sundry the arena in his fall, we unexpectedly withstand no windowpane making headway also him. The windowpane is detectable while he breaks done the window.

Plot Summary : When Waring Hudsucker, variety of hugely triumphant Hudsucker Industries, commits suicide, his board of directors, led by Sidney Mussberger, comes unsleeping plus a great commit to brand loads of money: engage a moron to stream the company. When the hold falls low enough, Sidney with friends could acquire it unsleeping since pennies on the dollar, acquire more than the company, with bounce back its fortunes. They take idealistic Norville Barnes, who without difficulty got down to inside the mail room. Norville is whacky satisfactory to process any bureau to ruin, other than soon, harsh journalist Amy Archer smells a rotter with begins an undercover exploration of Hudsucker Industries.

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