Director : Michael Baig-Clifford

Release Date :

Genre : Comedy

Cast : , Connor Mills as Russell Shumway, Sophie Waller as Rosie Beaumont, Anna Maria Berentz as Waitress, Math Sams as Landlord, Adrian Banks as Adrian Banks, Jahangir Ahmed as Taxi Driver, Joy Mcdermott as Christians Ladies, Bo Frazier as Staff 2, Tim Mobbs as The Scholars, Emma Pearce as Dillan Maddison, Rosie Palmer as Christians Ladies, Jenny Palmer as Christians Ladies, Edie Clark as Edie Waits, Shay ODriscoll as Keith Hickey, Simon Forster as Radio Interviewer, David Alwyn as Christian Waits, Kelly Griffiths as Christians Ladies, Chris Gillett as The Scholars, Marc Pressdee as Angel Fire Lead Singer, Duncan Evans as Angel Fire Band, Phillip Jennings as Vicar, Kevin Law as Angel Fire Band, Carl Bayliss as Angel Fire Band, Joe Nicklin as The Scholars, Josh Herring as The Scholars, Yolanda Sadler as Fan Girl 2, Zoe Claire as Fan Girl 1, Barry Wilson as Burly Dude, Deven Modha as Staff 1, Alex Jones as Staff 3

Plot : When a failing music venue staffed by fools seems pool to close, superior Keith launches a final dump Battle of the Bands competition… |

Run Time : UK:90 min

Country : UK

Language : English

Company :

Plot Summary : When a failing music venue staffed by fools gives the look collection to close, superior Keith launches a very last chuck Battle of the Bands competition. More by suffered a calamity than by design, musical genius is unleashed by a rapping transvestite, various precocious indie rockers furthermore a barmaid in addition to a favorable voice, who in concert unless the globe they love.

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