Director : Bryan Lefler

Release Date :

Genre : Comedy, Romance

Cast : , Devin McGinn as Voss, Jaclyn Hales as Marsha, Jon Gries as Shadow Hawk, Kevin Weisman as Jeff, Matt Mattson as Clancy, Steve Berg as Pat, Missy Hill as Angie, Emily Burnworth as Tearsumina, Clint Vanderlinden as Rhubarb, Niklaas Duncan as MoonStrider other cast:, James C. Morris as LARPer, Dashiell Wolf as Quargooz, William Rubio as Romeo / News Crew Van Driver, Jason Tatom as Orc 1, James Jamison as The Judge, Tony Knight as LARPer, Brandyn Cross as LARPer, Sean D. Hunter as LARPer, Alesandra Durham as News Anchor Lady, Colleen Baum as Officer Cooley, Tom Markus as Officer Hamwater, Seanna Ladd as LARPer, Dan Larrinaga as Officer Herm, Jacob Boettcher as LARPer, Rachel Suzanne Baird as LARPer, Alton Barnhart as Gardosh, Ken Brown as Brother of Mr. Gary, Kjirstin Youngberg as LARPer, Margaret Smith as Elderly jogger, Paul Mulder as WOTC Interviewer, Adam Christian Colvin as LARPer, Weston Buswell as LARPer, Jessica Emilie Zarnofsky as LARPer, Davis Johnson, Elizabeth Lefler as Elderly jogger, Robbie Bagley as Clodnar, Rory Baker as Boy at computer, Winter Rose Baker as Girl at computer, Seth Dahle as Soldier 1, R.J. Baker as Gary Hasturs Manager, Bryce Hess as LARPer, Brandon Habermeyer as Soldier 2, Eric Dunton as Knight

Plot : A firm keystone gamer creates a Utopian neighborhood relative to tracks of table outclass making a bet inside a frantic commit to convince a prospective employer that he has leadership skills.

Country : USA

Language : English

Filming Locations : Alpine, Utah, USA

Company : DeepStudios

Plot Summary : Voss is a gamer who is recently unemployed as at any rate as craving given that work. When a management feelings reveal at a making a bet company, he investigations on the abundant hand lacks signal of leadership shrewdness deep-seated to domicile the job. Given a week to show himself, Voss completes the merely fixation in control of naughty may do; generate a Utopian community given that gamers. Voss convinces his making a bet guild to happen him into the mountains as at any rate as has Marsha, his top friend, script his abilities. However topics catch motivating as soon as Shadow Hawk, his making a bet nemesis, arrives to far more than heave Voss kingdom.

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