Zoop in India is a 2006 Dutch family film. It follows Zoop in Africa (2005) and is followed by Zoop in South America (2007). The film received a Golden Film in 2006 for the first 100,000 visitors in the Netherlands.

Plot: When the Zoo Rangers hear that a herd of elephants hav been kidnapped and are being held at a secret location somewhere in India, they travel all the way to the subcontinent to get to the bottom of it. While part of the group goes in search of the elephants, the others set out for Mumbai, as one of the clues they discover during their investigations leads to the Indian film capital, Bollywood. On the way to uncovering the truth, the Rangers take part in a real Bollywood film, brave the most terrifying perils of the Indian jungle, make friends with a young elephant, avoid killer snakes, and race through Mumbai perched in rickshaws to escape a gang of armed ivory smugglers even making a little time for romance along the way.
* Juliette van Ardenne – Sira Schilt
* Vivienne van den Assem – Elise Pardoel
* Erwan van Buuren – Alwin Bendorff
* Nicolette van Dam – Bionda Kroonenberg
* Ewout Genemans – Bastiaan van Diemen

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