Director : Robert De Niro

Release Date :

Genre : Crime, Drama

Cast : (in credits order) (verified as complete), Robert De Niro as Lorenzo Anello, Chazz Palminteri as Sonny LoSpecchio, Lillo Brancato as Calogero C Anello (age 17), Francis Capra as Calogero C Anello (age 9), Taral Hicks as Jane Williams, Kathrine Narducci as Rosina Anello, Clem Caserta as Jimmy Whispers, Alfred Sauchelli Jr. as Bobby Bars, Frank Pietrangolare as Danny K.O, Joe Pesci as Carmine, Robert DAndrea as Tony Toupee, Eddie Montanaro as Eddie Mush, Fred Fischer as JoJo the Whale, Dave Salerno as Frankie Coffeecake, Joe DOnofrio as Slick (Age 17), Luigi DAngelo as Aldo (Age 17), Louis Vanaria as Crazy Mario (Age 17), Dominick Rocchio as Ralphie (Age 17), Patrick Borriello as Slick (Age 9) (as Patrick Boriello), Paul Perri as Crazy Mario (Age 9), Thomas A. Ford as Phil the Peddler (as Tommy A. Ford), Rocco Parente as Driver (Hey Marie!), Joe Black as Murdered Man, Louis Gioia as Last Rites Priest, Mitch Kolpan as Detective Belsik, Phil Foglia as Detective Vella, Richard DeDomenico as Priest, Max Genovino as Louie Dumps, Ralph Napolitano as Gino, Steve Kendall as Red Beard, A.J. Ekoku as A.J, Sobe Bailey as Willy, Domenick Lombardozzi as Nicky Zero (as Dominick Lombardozzi), Frank Caserta Sr. as Old Gee, Ed Derian as Fight Announcer, Larry Lederman as Racetrack Announcer, Gianna Ranaudo as Tina, Philip Garbarino as Sonnys Killer, Nicky Blair as Jerry, Joe Calvacca Jr. as Doo Wop Group (Street), Anthony Etergineoso as Doo Wop Group (Street), Louis Etergineoso as Doo Wop Group (Street), Joe Laham as Doo Wop Group (Street), Alan Lange as Doo Wop Group (Street), Darell Grant as Doo Wop Group (School), Demond Webber as Doo Wop Group (School), Rhaman Thomas as Doo Wop Group (School), Kacy Brooks as Doo Wop Group (School), Jason Meighan as Doo Wop Group (School), Steve Pendleton as Satans Messengers (as Steve Pendelton), John Tanuzzo Jr. as Satans Messengers, Steve Bonge as Satans Messengers, Greg Domey as Satans Messengers, Mark Cafariella as Satans Messengers, Butch Garcia as Satans Messengers, Sonny Hurst as Satans Messengers, David Batiste as Angry Neighbor, Derrick Simmons as Angry Neighbor, Ali A. Wahhab as Angry Neighbor (as Ali S. Adbul Wahhab), Albert Attanasio as Capo, Pat Vacaro as Capo, Rocco Girffe Matra as Soldier, Frank Caserta Jr. as Soldier, Richie Ranieri as Bodyguard, Sal Cestaro as Coffeemaker, Larry Guardino as Bartender (as Larry Liedy), Macky Anannlin as Chez Bippy Customer, Mike Morigi as Chez Bippy Customer, Garry Pastore as Chez Bippy Customer (as Garry Blackwood), Anthony Corozzo as Chez Bippy Customer, Beansie as Chez Bippy Customer, Emily Degrass as Chez Bippy Customer, Johnny Motts as Chez Bippy Customer, Linda Lalicata as Chez Bippy Customer, Elizabeth Abassi as Lady in Window (as Elizabeth Abbassi), Ida Bernardini as Fish Store Customer, Clem Caserta Jr. as Pizza Man, Frank Conti as Fish Store Owner, Chris Antley as Jockey, Nina von Arx as Rachel (as Nina Sonja Peterson), Jean Cruguet as Jockey, Antonio Graell as Jockey, Richard Migliore as Jockey, Johnny Velazquez as Jockey Tony Cordeiro as Jockey , Damian Bailey as Willies Friend – Bicyclist, Alex Ballar as School Kid, Julia Campanelli as Gooma at Chez Bippys, William DeMeo as Italian Guy in Bronx Playing Stickball, Michael 2-Smoove Demitro as Street Extra, John Hoyt as Chez Bippy Customer, Ronnie Marmo as Neighborhood Kid, Judy Prianti as Sophia – Beautician, Ron Rivera as Teen in Crowd, James Sampson as Young Protester, Anthony Scavone as Anthony – Mourner, Eric Skoy as Boxing Gambler

Plot : A father becomes anxious whilst a local gangster befriends his male child inside the Bronx inside the 1960s.

Run Time : 121 min

Country : USA

Language : English | Italian

Filming Locations : Astoria, Queens, New York City, New York, USA

Company : Price Entertainment

Trivia : The Street inside front of the Chez Bippy tavern is 30th Avenue inside Astoria Queens, New York.

Goofs : Continuity: When Sonny is stating Eddie Mush to engagement situate into the bathroom, Calogeros brand may engagement found out honest afterwards to Sonny, then again inside the afterwards scene (which shows the total room) once Mush is individual pushed away, Calogero is nowhere to engagement seen.

Plot Summary : Gangster Sonny is the vast person of near the bone age inside the Bronx area of an Italian little boy pointed out Calogero. A infusing acknowledge by the boy (nicknamed C) is the initiating conduct of a durable take to each other between the gangster plus the boy. Father (bus driver Lorenzo), however, disapproves. C grows conscious lower than the wing of both men, shredded between his own organic candor plus his engagement in addition to Sonny. Cs area cronies handle theft, avenue of guns, plus racial fights. When C falls for the raison d’être that an African American girl, stuffs dont draw any easier. Cs spring to manhood is plain by tragedy, although additionally by his quality of the countless faces of love.

Calogero Anello is a nine-year-old youngster in existence inside the Bronx – contentious given that gangster bars, racist kith and kin in addition to an ominous nature. Calogero witnesses a inserting inside the thoroughfare related to local immense picture gangster, Sonny, save for refuses to betray him to the police. Sonny grows fond of the boy in addition to begins to inform him how issues are organized on the streets. Calogeros father is a operating grown grown woman who desires his youngster to mature in addition to type his cash honestly, in addition to attains not desire him to group along furthermore Sonny. Despite his fathers disapproval, given that eight time Calogero continues to spot Sonny, in addition to receives a street teaching relishes him. Despite personality a gangster, Sonny fancy Calogero in addition to teaches him that personality a gangster is excessively hazardous in addition to dangerous. However Calogero misinterprets Sonnys message, in addition to additionally gets needed along furthermore his friends inside racism in addition to fights. Things intensify once he falls inside tenderness along furthermore a black girl. This narrative is with particulars to a Bronx where a youngster grows wakeful along furthermore two educations, lone relishes style in addition to lone relishes the street. As the youngster grows closer to a gangster, he begins to grow faraway from his family.

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