Monk is an American comedy-drama created by Andy Breckman and starring Tony Shalhoub as the titular character. The show debuted on July 12, 2002, on the USA Network; its seventh season started July 18, 2008, and it has been renewed for an eighth and final season.

The last seven episodes of season 7 began airing January 9, 2009 and finished on February 20, 2009. The final season will premiere sometime in mid-2009.

Plot: Adrian Monk was a brilliant detective for the San Francisco Police Department until his wife, Trudy, was killed by a car bomb in a parking garage, which Monk believed was intended for him. Trudy’s death led Monk to suffer a nervous breakdown and he was discharged from the force, becoming a recluse, refusing to leave his house for over three years. With the help of his nurse, Sharona Fleming (Bitty Schram), he was finally able to leave the house. The breakthrough allowed him to work as a private detective and a consultant for the homicide unit despite retaining limitations rooted in his obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), which had grown significantly worse after the tragedy. Monk’s compulsive habits are numerous, and a number of phobias compound his situation, such as his fear of germs. The OCD and plethora of phobias inevitably lead to very awkward situations and cause problems for Monk, and anyone around him, as he investigates cases. However, these same personal struggles, particularly the OCD, are what aid him in solving cases. Captain Leland Stottlemeyer (Ted Levine) and Lieutenant Randall “Randy” Disher (Jason Gray-Stanford) call on Monk when they have trouble with an investigation. Stottlemeyer is often irritated by Monk’s disorder, but respects his friend and former colleague’s amazing observational abilities, as does Disher. Ever since childhood, Monk’s obsessive attention to detail allowed him to spot tiny discrepancies, find patterns, and make connections that others often fail to make. Monk continues to search for information about his wife’s death, the one case he has been unable to solve. When Sharona decided to re-marry her ex-husband and move back to New Jersey, Natalie Teeger (Traylor Howard), a widow and mother of an eleven-year-old daughter, was hired as Monk’s new assistant. Monk has a brother, Ambrose, and a half-brother, Jack Jr., the existence of whom Monk discovers in the fifth season.
Awards won
Emmy Awards:
* Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series Tony Shalhoub (2003, 2005, 2006)
* Outstanding Main Title Theme Music Jeff Beal (2003)
* Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy Series John Turturro (2004)
* Outstanding Main Title Theme Music Randy Newman (2004)
* Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy Series Stanley Tucci (2007)
Golden Globe Awards:
* Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series – Musical or Comedy Tony Shalhoub (2003)
Screen Actors Guild:
* Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Comedy Series Tony Shalhoub (2004, 2005)
Series Cast
* Tony Shalhoub – Adrian Monk (110 episodes, 2002-2009)
* Jason Gray-Stanford – Lt. Randall Disher (110 episodes, 2002-2009)
* Ted Levine – Captain Leland Stottlemeyer (110 episodes, 2002-2009)
* Traylor Howard – Natalie Teeger (72 episodes, 2005-2009)
* Stanley Kame – Dr. Charles Kroger (45 episodes, 2002-2009)
* Bitty Schram – Sharona Fleming (38 episodes, 2002-2004)
* Emmy Clarke – Julie Teeger (22 episodes, 2005-2008)
* Kane Ritchotte – Benjy Fleming (15 episodes, 2002-2004)

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