Director : Mike Cuenca

Release Date :

Genre : Comedy, Crime, Drama

Cast : (in credits order), Joey Halter as Jerry Powell, Paul Elia as Fritz, Brittany Samson as Donna Hue, Zachary Ryan Block as Benzo Deluso, Julie Pepin as Jenn Powell, Dan Rojay as Shady James Sam Aaron as Rudy, Frank Agnew as Goon #2, Adana Avanesi as Waitress, Johan Bey as Detective Charles Sullivan, George Blankenhorn as Older Hop Louie (voice), Alexandra Cabri as Coughing Woman, Jean-Marce Cabri as Legging Face, Taddeo Cabri as God Praiser, Jason Carnell as Cop #2, Rose Catelli as Cop #1, Jacquelinne Cingolani as Arielle Demille, Jacci Crowe as Little Girl, Zac Crowe as Little Benzo, Mike Cuenca as Mook (voice), Tom DeMar as Jerrys Father, Michael Devorzon as Detective Argo, Steven Escot as Bebop, Ariella Fiore as Landlord, Garrett Fox as Pete, Nick Frangione as Eye Injury Guy, Emilie Germain as Zephora, Oriko Ikeda as Lady on Phone, Eric Jeffcoat as Hop Louie, Edward Joyce as Mr. Demille, Azmyth Kaminski as Milk Man, Lloyd Knight as Goon #1, Casar La Torre as Goon #4, Melinda Lee as The Mistress, Rex Alan McMillan as Cop #1, Antonio Mejia as The LPR, Rhoda Pell as Aunt Naddy, Rick Podell as Dr. William Hendrickson, Chad Post as Arguing Guy, Arielle Providence as Sharlene, Art Roberts as Concierge, Jarid Root as Little Jerry, Byron Shirley as Head Injury Guy, Stephen Tako as Diabetes Man, Didi Tillson as Wife, Leon Tillson as Husband, Corinne van den Heuvel as Nurse, Alisa Varney as Jerrys Mother, Lileigh Waller as Little Jenn, Tim Waller as Robert Malnurn, Richard Worthington as Furry Lover, George Wyhinny as Cross-Pollinator

Plot : Jerry Powell is a low-level thief along furthermore memory distrust syndrome. The organization deals along furthermore his relationship along furthermore the obsessive Donna furthermore an abnormal service he must deliver.

Run Time : 108 min | USA:105 min (approx.)

Country : USA

Language : English

Company : Blvd. Du Cinema Productions

Trivia : The originally episode Mike Cuenca capable worked on without the statement Oblivion inside the title.

Plot Summary : Jerry Powell is a misanthropic grifter in addition to memory distrust syndrome. His unofficial sidekick is Fritz. When the two are sent to deliver a facility by the change laundering Ariel, they draw nigh to expressions that this most modern score is something extra they bargained for.

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