Director : Giuseppe Gagliardi

Release Date :

Genre : Crime, Drama, Sport

Cast : , Rade Serbedzija as Vinko, Alexander Yassin as Alexander, Giacomo Gonnella as Antimo Fierro, Susanne Wolff, Giorgio Colangeli as Sabatino, Carmine Recano as Rosario – adult, Clemente Russo as Michele – adult, Damir Todorovic as Sasha, Vincenzo Pane as Rosario – young, Linda Chang as Masseurin, Enzo Casertano as Ruggiero secondo allenatore, Lorenzo Scialla as Michele – young

Plot : Clemente Russo portrays himself inside the narrative of a promising boxer who continued wide awake inside the Neapolitan mob heartland. |

Country : Italy

Language : Italian

Filming Locations : Bacoli, Naples, Campania, Italy

Company : Margherita Film

Plot Summary :

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