Director : Alejandro Gonzlez Irritu

Release Date :

Genre : Drama

Cast : (in credits order) (complete, awaiting verification), Brad Pitt as Richard Jones, Cate Blanchett as Susan Jones, Mohamed Akhzam as Anwar, Peter Wight as Tom, Harriet Walter as Lilly, Trevor Martin as Douglas, Matyelok Gibbs as Elyse, Georges Bousquet as Robert, Claudine Acs as Jane, Andr Oumansky as Walter, Michael Maloney as James, Dermot Crowley as Barth, Wendy Nottingham as Tourist #1, Henry Maratray as Tourist #2, Linda Broughton as Tourist #3, Jean Marc Hulot as Tourist, Aline Mowat as Tourist #5, Liliane Escoza as Tourist #6, Lynsey Beauchamp as Tourist in Morocco (as Lindsey Beauchamp), Michel Dubois as Tourist #8, Shirley Dixon as Tourist #9, Patrick Lebre as Tourist #10, John OMohoney as Tourist, Mary Mitchell as Tourist #12, Edward Lyon as Tourist #13, Robert Fyfe as Tourist #14, Abdelaziz Merzoug as Waiter Casbah, Omar El Mallouli as Bus Driver, El Hassan Ait Bablal as Old Man in Car, Sfia Ait Benboullah as Anwars Grandmother, Hammou Aghrar as Doctor – Vet, Mohamed Ait Lahcen as Sheik, Ali Hamadi as Moukadem, Lhacen Znin as Store Owner, Mustapha Amhita as Mohammed, Mohammed Amal El Koussi as Mohammeds Friend #1, Mohamed Nait Addi as Mohammeds Friend #3, Mohammed El Bouamraoui as Mohammeds Friend #2, Rahmoune Abdelhalim as Mohammeds Friend #4, Soukayna Ait Boufakri as Yamile, Youssef Boukioud as Police at Anwars #1, Khouyael Houssein as Police at Anwars #1, Alex Jennings as Ken Clifford, Commandant Mesbah as Helicopter Pilot, Timothy Peter Buxton as US Army Medic #1, Mohammed Ourjdal as US Army Medic #2 (as Dr. Mohammed Ourjdal), Aimee Meditz as Reporter – US News (as Aime Meditz), Mohammed Bennani as Moroccan Doctor, Boubker Ait El Caid as Yussef, Said Tarchani as Ahmed, Mustapha Rachidi as Abdullah, Driss Roukhe as Alarid, Wahiba Sahmi as Zohra, Fadmael Ouali as Yasira, Zahra Ahkouk as Jamila, Abdelkader Bara as Hassan, Ehou Mama as Hassans Wife, Rida Taya as Abdullahs 2-Year-Old Son, Salah Mezzi as Moroccan Police Officer, Mohamed Atkliss as Moroccan Police Officer, Adriana Barraza as Amelia, Elle Fanning as Debbie Jones, Nathan Gamble as Mike Jones, Gael Garca Bernal as Santiago, Monica del Carmen as Lucia, Rosa Reyes as Comadre, Robert Bernie Esquivel as Luis, Damian Garcia as Lucio, Barbarella Pardo as Amelias Daughter #1, Úrsula Garca as Amelias Daughter #2, Cynthia Montao as Patricia, Maripaz Lopez as Patricias Mother, Santiago Lizarraga as Tambora Band, Ismael Gregorio as Tambora Band, Pedro Sillas as Tambora Band, Enrique Garcia Contreras as Tambora Band, Fernando Montes Avila as Tambora Band, Luis Avila as Tambora Band, Eugenio Jara Reynoso as Tambora Band, Pedro Cuota as Tambora Band, Romeo Echeverria Jimenez El Gitano as Musician, Guadalupe Quintero as Wedding Band, Mariano Quintero as Wedding Band, Eluterio Higuera as Wedding Band, Pascual Montao as Wedding Band, Efrain Gonzalez as Wedding Band, Claudia Silvia Mendoza as Patricias Grandmother, Norma Samarin as Patricias Aunt, Polo Nuo as Jacinto, Jose Campas Agiaga as Amelias Grandfather, Miguel Maldonado Tinoco as Amelias Father, Rosa Campos Maldonado as Amelias Mother, Emilio Echevarra as Emilio, Clifton Collins Jr. as Officer at Border Crossing, Aaron D. Spears as Officer #2 (as Aaron Spears), Jamie McBride as Bill – Border Patrol, Michael Pea as John – Border Patrol, Ivor Shier as Helicopter Pilot , R.D. Call as FBI Interrogation Officer, Rinko Kikuchi as Chieko Wataya, Kji Yakusho as Yasujiro Wataya, Yuko Murata as Mitsu, Kumi Ohkawatsu as Teammate, Miyuki Tamada as Teammate, Hirotaka Nabeya as Referee #1, Kazuya Senzaki as Referee #2, Takanobu Imaizumi as Referee #3, Koji Yoshida as Volleyball Coach, Saki Kito as J-Pop Hostess, Tomomi Kosugi as J-Pop Waitress, Noemi as J-Pop Waitress, Rika Watanabe as J-Pop Waitress, Ran Saotome as J-Pop Waitress, Sanae Miura as Kumiko, Kazunori Sasaki as Young Man, Ryoji Takiguchi as Shocked Young Man, Shoushi Nakasone as Young Mans Friend, Jun Tanaka as Young Mans Friend, Masayuki Ishii as Young Mans Friend, Yoshiyuki Yagisawa as Young Mans Friend, Hideto Onishi as Young Mans Friend, Hiroshi Yazaki as Young Mans Friend, Zengo Matayoshi as J-Pop Special #1, Koji Morisawa as J-Pop Special #2, Sumire Matsumura as Receptionist, Qyoko Kudo as Mother at Dentist (as Kyoko Saito), Hazuki Saito as Daughter at Dentist, Yu Tanabe as Son at Dentist, Kentaro Tokuhiro as Patient, Kiichiro Kawauchi as Patient, Shigemitsu Ogi as Dentist, Tose Fukuda as Nurse at Dentists, Satoshi Nikaido as Det. Lt. Kenji Mamiya, Kazunori Tozawa as Det. Hamano, Junichi Hayakawa as Doorman, Nobushige Suematsu as Haruki, Shinji Suzuki as Takeshi, Reina Makino as Chiekos Girl Friend, Ayako Masagaki as Chiekos Girl Friend, Yurie Okada as Chiekos Girl Friend, Erika Okada as Chiekos Girl Friend, Mika Yokoyama as Chiekos Girl Friend, Kimi Unno as Chiekos Girl Friend, Kazuma Yamane as Kazuma, Hideaki Kunieda as Harukis Friend, Keita Kanegae as Harukis Friend, Tomohiro Higashi as Chiekos Boyfriend, Onbou Miura as Chiekos Boyfriend, Daiki Inoue as Chiekos Boyfriend, Shinichi Osawa as Club DJ, Noriko Yamamura as Dancer – Club, Motomi Kobayashi as Dancer – Club, Akira Matsuda as Bartender, Shizue Yamamoto as Wife, Kaoru Mihira as Chiekos Teammate, Ayaka Kotake as Chiekos Teammate, Natsumi Hayashida as Chiekos Teammate, Maki Kuraya as Chiekos Teammate, Kana Harada as Chiekos Teammate, Sayaka Shimizu as Chiekos Teammate, Sumie Kobayashi as Babel Volleyball Girl, Yoko Iwasaki as Babel Volleyball Girl, Eri Terada as Babel Volleyball Girl, Reina Aoki as Babel Volleyball Girl, Naoko Kato as Babel Volleyball Girl, Ikumi Muramatsu as Babel Volleyball Girl, Keiko Nakamichi as Babel Volleyball Girl, Miyuki Kido as Babel Volleyball Girl, Fumie Takama as Babel Volleyball Girl, Miki Watanuki as Babel Volleyball Girl, Aki Yanagisawa as Babel Volleyball Girl, Megumi Watanabe as Babel Volleyball Girl, Hanako Komatsu as Babel Volleyball Girl, Fumie Kikuchi as Babel Volleyball Girl, Hotomi Nakajima as Babel Volleyball Girl, Miyuki Aoki as Babel Volleyball Girl, Yuko Raihon as Babel Volleyball Girl, Hosana Ueyama as Babel Volleyball Girl, Erika Nakaya as Babel Volleyball Girl, Sachiyo Yamashita as Babel Volleyball Girl, Kaori Shimizu as Babel Volleyball Girl, Yuta Hori as Tap Dancer, Ikken as Tap Dancer, Takayuki Matsumoto as Tap Dancer, Maro as Juggler, Mar Machida as Member of the Theatrical Company, Namiko Hatori as Member of the Theatrical Company, Yurako Takano as Member of the Theatrical Company, Kiyomi Ens as Member of the Theatrical Company (as Kiyomi Ensou), Ikue Takada as Member of the Theatrical Company, Yoshiki Wakura as Member of the Theatrical Company, Yosuke Morita as Member of the Theatrical Company, Yuji Inanobe as Member of the Theatrical Company Yoshi Ando as Japanese Man, Masami Kosaka as Japanese Guy, Fernando Lara as Wedding Band, Linda Sans as (voice)

Plot : Tragedy smacks a matrimonial partners on retreat inside the Moroccan desert, being a participant in off an interlocking account relating to four varied families.

Run Time : 143 min

Country : France | USA | Mexico

Language : English | Arabic | Spanish | Japanese | Japanese Sign Language | Berber languages | French

Filming Locations : Azabu-Juban, Tokyo, Japan

Company : Paramount Pictures

Trivia : Actress Adriana Barraza set foot on 35 pounds since her role since Amelia.

Goofs : Crew or furnishings visible: After Chieko gets rid of her panties off she walks make a copy to the table plus her friends. In this view you may notice the musing of the steadicam arm, operator in addition to an associate inside the mirror inside the put in the shade gone manor of the screen.

Plot Summary : 4 interlocking stories the finalize lot up-to-date by a odd man out gun the finalize lot meet at the full in addition to prove a intricate in addition to catastrophic narrative of the lives of mankind close to the real world in addition to how we actually aren’t the finalize lot that different. In Morocco, a tormented got connubial with duo are on holiday aiming to total their differences. Meanwhile, a Moroccan herder buys a rifle since his sons consequently they may well stock the jackals faraway from his herd. A gal inside Japan coping with rejection, the passing away of her mother, the perceptual space of her father, her own self-consciousness, in addition to a disability accompanied by scores of varying issues, deals along furthermore present survival inside the immense metropolis of Tokyo, Japan. Then, on the opposite nearby of the real world the got connubial with couple’s Mexican nanny takes out the couple’s 2 teenagers along furthermore her to her son’s wedding ceremony inside Mexico, main to approach into drawback on the get back trip. Combined, it grants a commanding narrative in addition to an equally commanding longing transom into the lives of seemingly arbitrary personalities close to the real world in addition to it shows easily how up-to-date we in truth are.

In Morocco, a shepherd buys a dominant rifle since his sons to protect his herd of goats opposition jackals attack. The younger decides to exam the weapon’s assortment of 3 km in addition to jiggers an American woman inside bus. Her wife is aiming the reconciliation of their lives ready trip inside Morocco. Due to the incident, inside San Diego their Mexican maid travels to Mexico and their teenagers since the conjugal relationship of her son. Meanwhile inside Tokyo, the regulate strives to communication the previous owner of the rifle, in addition to his female offspring that is instinct rejected misunderstand the raison d’être of the investigation.

"In Gen. 11:9, the cite of Babel is etymologized by association and the Hebrew verb balal, ‘to disturb or confound’" (…"Babel", prepared a cycle of misunderstandings, interweaves the unfortunate functions of a Moroccan, an American, a Mexican as at any rate as a Japanese family. A Moroccan species acquires a rifle to protect their goats. An American woman, on a bus sail and her husband, is by chance shot, which is inside whirl grossly overstated by the commangle who are swift to tag the occurrence since a "terrorist attack". The equivalent couple’s teenagers come with their long-time caretaker to Mexico to attend her son’s wedding, where upon re-entering the United States facial expression problems. A Japanese widower confronts hitches inside being inside contact with his deaf teen female child whom cleanly craves chap contact.

Richard plus Susan are a few like San Diego, California who are vacationing inside Morocco spilt second their two youngsters are acquainted with their Mexican housekeeper, Amelia. A rifle finds its style into the workforce of a local herdsman’s small sons, who foolishly acquire an effort at a vacation bus plus got as far as Susan inside the shoulder, creating her violent injury. The distraught Richard ask domestic to enlighten Amelia of the situation, who in a while departs given that Mexico to attend her son’s wedding, along furthermore Richard plus Susan’s youngsters inside tow. Disaster hence multiplies, along furthermore the circumstances inside Morocco allotted to terrorists inside the media, spilt second Amelia meets along furthermore difficulty at the Mexican outer reaches once she strives to get back to San Diego along furthermore Richard plus Susan’s children. Meanwhile, inside Tokyo, a widower fixed to the rifle inside question, a intricate swing of ownership to which the eavesdropper is privy, strives to take care of the memoirs of his latterly deceased lady plus his unrelaxed relationship along furthermore his deaf adolescent daughter.

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