Director : Nicholas Hytner

Release Date :

Genre : Drama, Music

Cast : (in credits order), Amanda Schull as Jody Sawyer, Zoe Saldana as Eva Rodriguez (as Zo Saldana), Susan May Pratt as Maureen Cummings, Peter Gallagher as Jonathan Reeves, Donna Murphy as Juliette Simone, Debra Monk as Nancy Cummings, Ethan Stiefel as Cooper Nielson, Sascha Radetsky as Charlie Sims, Julie Kent as Kathleen Donahue, Ilia Kulik as Sergei, Eion Bailey as Jim Gordon, Shakiem Evans as Erik Jones, Elizabeth Hubbard as Joan Miller, Victor Anthony as Thomas, Christine Dunham as Audition Teacher, Stephen Stout as Mr. Sawyer, Maryann Plunkett as Mrs. Sawyer, Laura Hicks as Nervous Mother, Barbara Caruso as ABA Scout, Jeff Hayenga as ABA Scout (as Jeffrey Hayenga), Karen Shallo as Mother at Audition, Carlo Alban as Evas Friend, Giselle Daly as Evas Friend, Lisa LeGuillou as ABA Girls Class Teacher (as Lisa LeGuillo), Robert Montano as ABA Pas De Deux Class Teacher, Megan Pepin as Anna, Victoria Born as Emily, Kirk Peterson as ABA Boys Class Teacher, Sandra Brown as Swan Lake Soloist, Elizabeth Gaither as Swan Lake Soloist, Oksana Konobeyeva as Swan Lake Soloist, Ekaterina Chtchelkanova as Swan Lake Soloist (as Ekaterina Schelkanova), Nancy McDoniel as Gala Patron, Sandy Hamilton as Gala Patron, Olga Merediz as ABA Receptionist, Elvis Crespo as Salsa Singer, Giselle Tcherniak as Salsa Singer, Jamie Bonelli as Girl at Salsa Club, Micki Paley as Girl at Salsa Club, Randy Pearlstein as Jims Friend, Nancy Hess as Sergeis Salsa Partner, Lovette George as Jazz Class Receptionist, Priscilla Lopez as Jazz Class Teacher, Brenda Denmark as Jonathans Secretary (as Brenda Thomas Denmark), Warren Carlyle as Coopers Assistant, Marcia Jean Kurtz as Emilys Mother, Kari Thompson as Stage Manager, Aesha Ash as Jonathans Ballet Soloist, Sean Stewart as Jonathans Ballet Soloist, Jared Angle as ABA Student, Erin Baiano as ABA Student, Jennifer Balcerzak as ABA Student, Ellen Bar as ABA Student, Tamara Barden as ABA Student, SantGria Bello as ABA Student, Dustin Brauneck as ABA Student, Melissa Cabrera as ABA Student, Martine Ciccone as ABA Student, Elena Diner as ABA Student, Nicole Epstein as ABA Student, Alina Faye as ABA Student, Elizabeth Ford as ABA Student, Jason Fowler as ABA Student, Kurt Froman as ABA Student, Kyle Froman as ABA Student, Davena Gross as ABA Student, Natalia Haigler as ABA Student, Craig Hall as ABA Student, Stephen Hanna as ABA Student, Adam Hendrickson as ABA Student, Patrick Howell as ABA Student, Ryan Kelly as ABA Student, Rebecca Krohn as ABA Student, Jessica Kusak as ABA Student, Ryan Lawrence as ABA Student, Riolama Lorenzo as ABA Student, Stephanie Lyons as ABA Student, Deanna McBrearty as ABA Student, Eleena Melamed as ABA Student, Justin Morris as ABA Student, Gillian Murphy as ABA Student, Laura Paulus as ABA Student, Matt Pitcher as ABA Student, Jonathan Porretta as ABA Student, Carrie Lee Riggins as ABA Student, Emilie Schlegel as ABA Student, David Schneider as ABA Student, Chrissy Schultz as ABA Student, Aaron Severini as ABA Student, Kristin Sloan as ABA Student, Jonathan Stafford as ABA Student, Ryan Stewart as ABA Student, Janie Taylor as ABA Student, Pascale Van Kipnis as ABA Student, Jamie Wolf as ABA Student, Julio Augustin as Jazz Class Dancer, Jim Borstelmann as Jazz Class Dancer, Liam Burke as Jazz Class Dancer, Chris Davis as Jazz Class Dancer, Nina Goldman as Jazz Class Dancer, Shannon Hammonds as Jazz Class Dancer, Jack Hayes as Jazz Class Dancer, Sean Martin Hingston as Jazz Class Dancer, Joann Hunter as Jazz Class Dancer, Violetta Klimczewska as Jazz Class Dancer, Keri Lee as Jazz Class Dancer, Stephanie Michels as Jazz Class Dancer, Lisa Nafegar as Jazz Class Dancer, Michael ODonnell as Jazz Class Dancer, Angela Piccinni as Jazz Class Dancer, Mimi Quillin as Jazz Class Dancer, John Michael Schert as Jazz Class Dancer, Lisa Shriver as Jazz Class Dancer, Scott Taylor as Jazz Class Dancer, Endalyn Taylor-Shellman as Jazz Class Dancer, Rocker Verastique as Jazz Class Dancer, Robert Wersinger as Jazz Class Dancer Ashley L. Anderson as Aba student (as Ashley Anderson), Kordelia as Principal Salsa Dancer (as Kordelia Mages), Mauricio Sanchez as Dancer at Salsa Club, Amisha Upadhyaya as Dancer , Jennifer Alexander as Dancer, Angela Ali as Evas friend, Derek Ambrosi as Extra, Dar Billingham as Dance Student, J. Claude Deering as Voiceover, Emily Johnson as ABA Student, Luis Jose Lopez as Lead Salsa Dancer, Alvester Martin as ABA Student, Mark Ott as Premier Guest, Chris Rivaro as Eddie, Scottie Thompson as Ensemble

Plot : A array of 12 kids bask in different backgrounds enroll at the American Ballet Academy inside New York to materialize since ballet dancers plus each one and only deals also the dilemma plus pressure of work out plus attaining before inside the universe of dance.

Run Time : 115 min

Country : USA

Language : English

Filming Locations : Fordham University, Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts – Columbus Avenue 61st Street, Manhattan, New York City, New York, USA

Company : Columbia Pictures Corporation

Trivia : Sergei, played by Ilia Kulik, is headed for the ground that the San Francisco Ballet behind his stint at the American Ballet Company. Amanda Schull, who plays Jody, truly danced along furthermore the San Francisco Ballet for the ground that more than a few seasons.

Goofs : Continuity: When Jody move to Cooper’s deeds of “Stars furthermore Stripes,” Kathleen asks her if she is an admirer of Cooper’s. In a shot previous, Jody conveyed Cooper dessert “for later” sec Kathleen was also him hence she more matured previously distinguished her furthermore might taste pointed out that Jody furthermore Cooper were involved.

Plot Summary : "Center Stage" is an exhaustive understanding about inspect the instruction of three immature students, Jodie, Eva along with Maureen, since they review at the American Ballet Academy. Life isn’t whatsoever they occuring at the revered ABC, along with the entirety three face expression difficulties along the road. Jodie doesn’t withstand the "ideal" body for the basis that dancing, Eva doesn’t withstand the perfect attitude, along with Maureen doesn’t withstand the heart. Along the way, they realize that fondness may troth evaluated inside unlikely places, along with dancing should troth a passion, not a duty.

After auditions, 12 teen dancers run against the American Ballet Academy. They’ll concoct as the student showcase to put into words who will engagement solicited to meet the American Ballet Company. Tensions mount between Jonathan, the company’s aging choreographer, also Cooper, his top dancer, who still desires to choreograph. The radiant Maureen looks poised as success, although she discovers that vitality is passing her by. Jody, whose body could engagement the fallacious school also whose thoroughfare is ragged, elicits Cooper’s interest. The edgy, smart-mouthed Eva relishes to dance although looks destined to engagement trapped inside the lend a (helping) hand to of the chorus. The showcase will explain their fates.

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