Director : Zdenek Jirasky

Release Date :

Genre : Drama

Cast : (in credits order), Vladimr Javorský as Jarda, Malgorzata Pikus as Kamila, Marika Soposk as Agta, Miroslav Pnek as Honza, Natalie Rehorova as Magda, Aneta Krejckov as Zuzana

Plot : Flower Buds tells the tale of the gradual breakdown of a category existing inside a minute town. Each praxis lives as mentioned by his or her own ideals… |

Country : Czech Republic

Language : Czech

Company : Cineart Production

Plot Summary : Flower Buds tells the yarn of the gradual breakdown of a type alive inside a miniature town. Each nature lives in the suggest of his or her own ideals. Agata requests a pleased existence off from home, utterly aware that her hardly expect is to get away with hence betray those getting equipped to her. Honza believes inside the purity with current of love, in spite of the occasions lower than which it is born. Kamila appears expectantly to the on the cards with accomplishes not intend to admit the desolation of the present. The hardly Jarda knows that he will not adapt the real world or himself. Aware of his weakness, he accomplishes not still try. In his mind, of course, his addiction to slot machines, which has led to a approximately unattainable situation, is for various for more gamblers notion of an moving closer win. The bona fide with credible plan to rescue his listing comes whilst it is overly late. It is without problems a ineffective gesture, a distressed most recent forget about effort.

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