Director : Adrian Lyne

Release Date :

Genre : Drama, Romance

Cast : (in credits order) (verified as complete), Robert Redford as John Gage, Demi Moore as Diana Murphy, Woody Harrelson as David Murphy, Seymour Cassel as Mr. Shackleford, Oliver Platt as Jeremy, Billy Bob Thornton as Day Tripper, Rip Taylor as Mr. Langford, Billy Connolly as Auction M.C., Joel Brooks as Realtor, Pierre Epstein as Van Buren, Danny Zorn as Screenwriter, Kevin West as Screenwriter, Pamela Holt as Davids Girlfriend, Tommy Bush as Davids Father, Mariclare Costello as Davids Mother, Curt Odle as Davids Boss, Jedda Jones as Craps Woman, Myra J. as Craps Woman, Edwonda White as Craps Woman, James Migliore as Craps Stick Man, Nicholas Georgiade as Croupier (as Nick Georgiade), Ritamarie Kelly as Dress Shop Saleslady, Sam Micco as Sam, Joseph Ruskin as Pit Boss, Joe La Due as High Roller, Ben W. Fluker as Roulette Croupier, Carleen Sbordone as Coffee Shop Waitress, Toru Nagai as High Roller Card-Man, Steven Dean as Craps Pit Boss, Frankie J. Allison as Craps Box Man (as Frank J. Allison), Dana Williams as Jeremys Secretary, David Cousin as Craps Dealer, Catlyn Day as Wine Goddess, Irene Olga Lpez as Gages Maid (as Irene Olga Lopez), Dru Davis as Bernice, Rudy E. Morrison as Maitre D (as Rudy Morrison), Richard Livingston as Mike (as Richard B. Livingston), Joe Bays as Jeffrey, David Rees as Businessman, Franoise Bush as Woman in Restaurant (as Francoise Bush), Elizabeth Gardner as Real Estate Receptionist, Art Cabrera as Citizenship Student, Israel Juarbe as Citizenship Student, Lydia Nicole as Citizenship Student, Iqbal Theba as Citizenship Student, Maurice Sherbanee as Citizenship Student, Yasemin Baytok as Citizenship Student, Elsa Raven as Citizenship Student, Matthew Barry as Architecture Student, Chi Muoi Lo as Architecture Student (as Chi-Muoi Lo), Art Chudabala as Architecture Student, Michelle OBrien as Architecture Student (as Michelle C. OBrien), Hilary Reynolds as Architecture Student, Rebecca Howard as Architecture Student, Selma Archerd as Auction Bidder, Katherine Pope as Auction Bidder (as Katharine Pope), Jerome Rosenfeld as Auction Bidder, Nancy Thom as Auction Bidder, Robert Bobby Z Zajonc as Helicopter Pilot, Alan D. Purwin as Helicopter Pilot (as Alan Purwin), Neil Looy as Pilot, Harold A. Katinszky as Pilot, Robert T. Convey as Pilot, Bruce H. Redding as Pilot, Sheena Easton as Herself, Herbie Hancock as Himself Signy Coleman as , Sheila Kay as Rooftop Party Guest, Theodis Rodgers as Piano Player

Plot : A wedded lady has the equal opinion to tolerate gender also one more woman since $1,000,000.

Run Time : 117 min

Country : USA

Language : English

Filming Locations : Benihana Village, Las Vegas Hilton Hotel – 3000 S. Paradise Road, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Company : Paramount Pictures

Trivia : The role of David was foremost organized as Val Kilmer.

Goofs : Continuity: When discovered cherish behind, there is no example on the cooperate with of the photo. When David turns it around, the example appears.

Plot Summary : A infantile partners highly a lot of inside friendliness are espoused also withstand set out to their respective careers, she since a land broker, he since an architect. She finds the excellent corner to form his daydream house, also they capture loans to finance it. When the stoop hits, they stage to lose all they own, thus they go away to Vegas to withstand solitary picture at succeeding the wealth they need. After behind at the tables, they are entered by a magnate who bequeaths each other 1,000,000 dollars as a hour of darkness also the wife. Though the partners consents that this is a procedure out of their economic dilemma, it threatens to exterminate their relationship.

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