Director : Mike Martin

Release Date :

Genre : Drama

Cast : , Christina Chamberlain as Groupie, Charlie Holliday as Charlie, Darcy Howden as Angry woman, Brian Scott Jagger as Homeless man, Paul Jerome as Uncle Roger, Nikki Lausmann as Aunt Sue, Erin Lee as Kelly, Kate Munson as Groupie, Ryan Nelson as Jason Krumbeau, Ryan Nelson as Jason Krumbeau, Tressa Ohler as Psychiatrist / Angel, Heather Puleo as Groupie, Arne Sampe as Homeless man / angel, Jim Swan as Jim

Plot : A afflicted juvenile grown-up person sees a psychiatrist to duty done his suicidal thoughts.

Country : USA

Language : English

Company :

Plot Summary : Jason sees a psychiatrist to task ended is suicidal ideation. Will he conduct on it plus hop off a bridge? Will the psychiatrist flip out to engagement any person but who she says she is? Will Jason discover his message to late? There is single bridge that we will the conclude thing cross.

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