Director : Doron Eran

Release Date :

Genre : Drama

Plot Summary : Shlomo who discovers inside his sons Assaf room, womens ensemble in addition to accessories, decides to teach the boy a lesson. When Assaf wages to his parents marital on a rainy dead night bask in a party, his aims to blow in marital fail. His father, in addition to the still collaborate of his mother, locked the door. At present, 4 existence later, Gallia turns to a sample bureau to lend a (helping) hand to her weigh up her child Assaf in addition to move him to Shlomo, his father who is dying of cancer. One night, at a dead night group inside Tel Aviv, Assaf is found out executing because a smart transgender woman singer who act by the talk about of Anna. After some life a inner most nurse turns wakeful at Shlomos space at the hospital, sent because she claims by the coverage bureau to support Shlomo. The nurse is Anna (his child Assaf) in addition to she manages to conquer Shlomos mind by her appealing nature in addition to her really extraordinary outlook toward life.

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