Director : Damian Chapa

Release Date :

Genre : Drama

Cast : , Damian Chapa as Jack Kennedy, Gabriel Tang as Frank, Vinny Vella as Mickey OBrien, Celeste Thorson as Ling, Ricco Chapa as Frank Sr., Alison Lees-Taylor as Dr. Paulina Mellon, Rich Rossi as Uncle Victor, Ron Millkie as Tim Mayor, Ronnie Banerjee as Maharaja of Jaipur, Vince Spadea as Vito, Al Burgo as Businessman, Frank Lucas Jr. as Night Bird bouncer, Ronnie The Rottweiler Kerner as Night Bird bouncer, Pablo Escobar Jr. as Night Bird bouncer, Gerald Prince Miller as Newscaster, Odette Warder as Lana, Tiffany Pulvino as Sofia, Naomi Shima as Yin, John Thomas as Pizzeria customer, Andrew Kaen as Mr. Schechter, William Mercado as Dimitri, Greg Paul as Reporter, Kristin Rocco as Sherry, Nick Scochemaro as Pizzeria customer, Craig Scribner as News Reporter, Andrew Hernandez as Pizzeria employee, Matthew L. Imparato as Gala Event patron, Eric Fisler as Restauranteur, John DiGiacomo as Cab Driver, Tom Daddario as Mike, Michael Burrough as Black Poet, Anthony Bisciello as Anthony, Peter Bender as Chow Fu, Sal Amore as Sal, Sharif Abaz as Ledo other cast:, Claudia Radu as Waitress, Cheryl Alessio as Gala Event server, Danny Boushebel as Gerard, Vanessa Nachtmann as Kristen, Robyn Young as Uncle Victors girlfriend, Brian M. Wixson as Gala Event patron, Miriam Weisbecker as Tim Mayors wife, Dianne Wesley as Singer in restaurant, 20X Heidi as Singer, Samantha Tuffarelli as Mia, Rafael Lozada as Henchman, John Spencer Yantiss as Rich oil man, Marisella Lafata as Pizzeria waitress, Vincenzo Vall-Lobera as Frank – 8 years old, A. Knight as Nun, Saul Diaz as Bartender, Barbra April as Pizzeria waitress, Nikki Rodriguez, Sharif Daba as Henchman, Nicole Joseph as Papergirl, Ashley Gerig as Ester, Alena Alexa as Natalia, Allysa Ram Dass as Red Latex, Mark Riccadonna as Maitre d

Country : USA

Language : English

Filming Locations : Bronx, New York City, New York, USA

Company : Amadeus Pictures

Plot Summary :

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