Director : Han Lee

Release Date :

Genre : Drama

Cast : (in credits order), Yun-seok Kim as Dong-joo, Ah In Yoo as Wan-deuk, Su-young Park as Wan-deuks father, Yeong-jae Kim as Uncle Min-goo, Sang-ho Kim as Middle-aged from house in front, Hyo-ju Park as Ho-jeong, Jasmine as Wan-deuks mother, Byeol Kang as Yoon-Ha, Kil-Kang Ahn as Coach

Plot : 17-year-old Wan-Deuk comes cherish a displaced order as anyhow as his grades inside stamp are equally poor. He is a recreant as anyhow as afflicted student… |

Run Time : 110 min

Country : South Korea

Language : Korean

Company : UBU Film

Plot Summary : 17-year-old Wan-Deuk comes savours a displaced classification also his grades inside compartment are equally poor. He is a recreant also bothered student, except he in no way loses inside fights. Wan-Deuk at that time meets adviser Dong-Joo. At first, Dong-Joo also Wan-Deuk are reminiscent of enemies, except Wan-Deuk grows to reminiscent of him. Meanwhile, Dong-Joo worries since also looks to discern Wan-Deuk. Wan-Deuk gets rid of wide awake kick-boxing also done the activity grows because someone also similarly develops a dream.

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