Director : Robert Redford

Release Date :

Genre : Drama, History

Cast : (in credits order) (verified as complete), John Turturro as Herbie Stempel, Rob Morrow as Dick Goodwin, Ralph Fiennes as Charles Van Doren, Paul Scofield as Mark Van Doren, David Paymer as Dan Enright, Hank Azaria as Albert Freedman, Christopher McDonald as Jack Barry, Johann Carlo as Toby Stempel, Elizabeth Wilson as Dorothy Van Doren, Allan Rich as Robert Kintner, Mira Sorvino as Sandra Goodwin, George Martin as Chairman, Paul Guilfoyle as Lishman, Griffin Dunne as Account Guy, Michael Mantell as Pennebaker, Byron Jennings as Moomaw, Ben Shenkman as Childress, Timothy Busfield as Fred, Jack Gilpin as Jack, Bruce Altman as Gene, Martin Scorsese as Martin Rittenhome, Joseph Blaire as Lester Stempel (as Joda Hershman), Ernie Sabella as Car Salesman, Barry Levinson as Dave Garroway, Debra Monk as Kintners Secretary, Mario Cantone as Passerby, Timothy Britten Parker as Researcher, Grace Phillips as Mrs. Nearing, Jerry Grayson as Limo Driver, Scott Lucy as NBC Pages, Matt Keeslar as NBC Pages, Ron Scott Bertozzi as NBC Pages, Harriet Sansom Harris as Enrights Secretary, Mary Shultz as Freedmans Secretary, Dave Wilson as Director, Robert Caminiti as Associate Director, Eddie Korbich as Lighting Director, Le Clanch du Rand as Cornwall Neighbor, Carole Shelley as Cornwall Aunt, Shawn Batten as Cornwall Cousins, Cornelia Ryan as Cornwall Cousins, Jeffrey Nordling as John Van Doren, Gina Rice as Mrs. John Van Doren, Vince OBrien as Bunny Wilson, Adam Kilgour as Thomas Merton, The Monk, Richard Seff as Congressman Devine, Bill Moor as Congressman Rogers, Nicholas Kepros as Congressman Flynt, Barry Snider as Congressman Springer, Chuck Adamson as Congressman Mack, Joseph Attanasio as Congressman Derounian, Dan Wakefield as Professors at Book Party, Hamilton Fish as Professor at Book Party, Merwin Goldsmith as Writer at Book Party, Illeana Douglas as Woman at Book Party, Gretchen Egolf as Student at Book Party, Stephen Pearlman as Judge Schweitzer, Anthony Fusco as Librarian, Douglas McGrath as Snodgrass, Calista Flockhart as Barnard Girls, Alysa Shwedel as Barnard Girls, Kelly Coffield Park as Queens Neighbors (as Kelly Coffield), Dede Pochos as Queens Neighbors, Maria Radman as Queens Neighbors, David Stepkin as Queens Neighbors, Steve Roland as Today Announcer, Bernie Sheredy as Reporters, Joe Lisi as Reporters, Reno as Woman at Door, Neil Leifer as Psychoanalyst, Caryn Krooth as Blonde, Mario Contacessi as Waiter, Patricia Geri Russell as NBC Secretary (as Pat Russell), Bill Cwikowski as Challenger, William Fichtner as Stage Manager, Vincent J. Burns as Crew Member, Katherine Borowitz as #1 Mom (as Katherine Turturro) Ray Abbott as Photographer, John D. Bair as Grad Student, Ted Brunson as Reporter, Michael J. Burg as Student, Richard Council as Reporter #1, Brian Gildea as Student, Matthew T. Gitkin as NBC Staff, Jerry Griffin as Doorman, David Hausen as Camera Operator, Ethan Hawke as Don Quixote Student, Christopher King as Congressional Hearing Reporter, Michael Luceri as Student, Owen Lund as Technical Director, Ron Ostrow as Photographer, John Ponzio as NBC Page, James Prendergast as Lawyer, Steve Ryan as NBC Employee, Jonathan Marc Sherman as Don Quixote Student #2, Nick Taylor as Herbies Neighbor, Glenn Zarr as Press Photographer

Plot : Dick Goodwin discovers tournament shows are fixed: cute boy WASP Charles Van Doren is fed rejoinder hence he beats geeky Jew Herbie Stempel.

Run Time : 133 min

Country : USA

Language : English

Filming Locations : Bronx, New York City, New York, USA

Company : Baltimore Pictures

Trivia : The bona fide Herb Stempel types an unbilled birth joined of the past contestants interviewed by Richard Goodwin.

Goofs : Anachronisms: The approach letters on the TV cameras are WNBT. New Yorks NBC affiliate varied its approach letters cherish WNBT to WRCA inside 1954, 3 existence sooner than the Van Doren streak.

Plot Summary : An idealistic infantile lawyer operating for the purpose that a Congressional subcommittee inside the behind schedule 1950s discovers that TV census shows are individual fixed. His evaluation focuses on two contestants on the present oneself Twenty-One: Herbert Stempel, a brash working-class Jew indulge in Queens, with Charles Van Doren, the patrician scion of one among Americas leading literary families. Based on a specific story.

In 1958 while tv questionnaire shows ruled the airwaves, Charles Van Doren was the wildly fashionable front runner of a triumphant TV reach one’s destination communicated with Twenty-One. A centralized big name who put inside an appearance on the covers of both Time as anyways as Life magazines, Van Doren was an American folk hero. Week following week viewers tuned inside to observe for Van Doren, a fashionable English instructor at Columbia University as anyways as the item for consumption of one in all Americas numerous documented literary families, appeared to be a magnet for delight in his huge information the adapt results to unclear questions. His endearing presence seduced 50 million individuals into deeming him. But the fact is, spectators were fooled as anyways as held merely no matter what the network as anyways as programs producers required each other to see. Then somebody interested the plug. When disgruntled contestant Herbie Stempel charged that the questionnaire sport was a fraud, Congressional investigator Richard Goodwin exposed the truth that unearthed the deception, as anyways as sent stun sequences jumping across America.

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