Director : Simon Kaijser

Release Date :

Genre : Drama

Cast : , Astrid Assefa as Skterska, Lars-Erik Berenett as Kattis pappa, Rebecka Englund as Nybliven mamma, Ulf Friberg as Nybliven pappa, Anna Godenius as Åklagare, Annika Hallin as Minnas mamma, Iben Hjejle as Anna, Elin Nilsson Kers as Tove, Chatarina Larsson as Barnmorska, Anki Lidn as Kattis mamma, Jimmy Lindstrm as Minnas pappa, Liv Mjnes as Kattis, Henrik Norln as Anders, Peter Parkrud as Terapeut, Mikael Persbrandt as Johan, Zardasht Rad as Pappa station, Pierre Tafvelin as Granne julfesten, Bjrn Wahlberg as Lkare, Moa Zetterlund as Minna

Country : Sweden

Language : Swedish

Company : Filmlance International AB

Plot Summary :

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