Director : Patrick OBell

Release Date :

Genre : Horror, Thriller

Cast : , Patrick OBell as Jack Coleman, Charlene Dawson as Holly Spencer, Joseph Garcia as Tony Escalante, Maureen Whelan as Crystal other cast:, Zoe Simpson as Jenny Mead, Nina Estes as Jazmine, Larry Wang Parrish as Larry Chang, Hilary M. Smith as Laura Mills, Marjorie Dehey Daleo as Ginger, Micah Ethan as Moe Fragetti, Steven Brieske as Greg Fallow, Kathy Carty as Kathleen Dressler, David Mancha as School Principal, Annemarie Moody as Nicole, Cathy Hair as Crystals Friend, Mike Kurtz as Stan Dressler, Michelle Corbally as Annie Simmons, William Snow as Sal

Plot : A slew of nice-looking escorts are inhumanly execute by an ignored knife wielding killer. The happenings almost immediately wear down a Private Investigator since he is not capable to protect the escorts he befriends.

Run Time : USA:90 min

Country : USA

Language : English

Filming Locations : Los Angeles, California, USA

Company : Probell Films

Plot Summary : The activities unfolds as well as an installment of mean murders of striking escorts by an left out knife wielding killer. Detectives are dazed by the lack of cause as anyways as physical evidence. The circumstances shortly wear down a Private Investigator, whos own female child was critically annihilate the equivalent way. He is hired to judge one among the ignored escorts, who can troth a doable victim or target of the round killer. In his search, he begins to smell that there is a sense between his daughters murder as anyways as the assorted killings.

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