Director : Blake Prosser

Release Date :

Genre : Drama, Horror, Romance

Cast : (in credits order), Blake Prosser as Jack Rogers, Chanel Marriott as Jodie Brown, Jessica Hegarty as Rebecca Hannson, Ryan Cammiade as Thomas Elliot, Neal Huxley as Mr. Baker, Rick Rudd as Ben Kennedy, Kelsey Gray as Katharine Lamb, Clara Helms as Joanne Stevens, John McPherson as Mr. Rogers, Sarah Blizard as Mrs. Rogers, Leandra Sorgiovanni as Nurse Joan Anders, Ashlee Archibald as Nurse Jones, Emily Smith as Neighbour / Park Bully 1, Chris Northover as Bully 2, Christopher Wood as School Bully 1, Chris Buckley as Delivery Man Shannon Ashfold as Student, Christell Delport as Student, Matthew Edwards as Student, Michelle Endersbee as Student, Lauren Ford as Student, Neel Goodwin as Student, Yasmine Hooper as Student in Mr.Bakers class, Caelie Jones as Miss Cullen, Emily Oostdam Leenhouwers as Miss Johnson, Matthew Makepeace as Student, Emma Perks as Teacher, Matilda Rayman as Student, Chantale Roch as Student

Plot : Jack Rogers has squandered everything, subsequent to three weeks inside sickbay he has nowadays dawned domestic to an vacant house… |

Run Time : Australia:60 min

Country : Australia

Language : English

Filming Locations : Perth, Western Australia, Australia

Company : ProBird Pictures

Plot Summary : Jack Rogers has ignored everything, following three weeks inside health center he has at present got back household to an unused house. He cant rest also his dreams get accommodate of worse, quickly aberrant issues rise surfacing within his house, lights start in the course of the night, entrances open by each other also a aperture starts dropping a line to him. After his friends rise disappearing he finds himself on my own conscious critical a energy that has crop up household along furthermore him… or has perhaps been there the entirety along…

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