Director : Tobe Hooper

Release Date :

Genre : Horror, Thriller

Cast : , Khalid Laith as Khalid, Paul Luebke as Bobby, Aiysha Hart as Sarah, Razane Jammal as Salama, Ghaleb El Saadi, Saoud Al Kaabi as Mubarak, May El Calamawy as Aisha, Malik McCall as Sammy, Abdullah Al Braiki as Cop 2, Rajeev Daswani as Khalids Driver, Ahmed Abdullah as Saeed, Carol Abboud as Zaynab, Abeer Mohammed as Umm Al Duwais Woman 3, Sophia Jawad as Umm Al Duwais Woman 2, Abdullah Al Junaibi as Nasser, Nadine Tah Tah as Azza, Abeer Mere as Young Mother, Maktoum Ahmed as Cop 1, Mohamed Yasser as Baby 3, Ghassan Al Katheri as Ali, Roula Atiyat as Noura, Valentina Lacle as Baby 2, Marwan Al Kaabi as Young Father, Rafak Atiyat as Umm Al Duwais Woman 4, Mohannad Huthail as Rasheed, Lemar Rustum as Baby 1, Massek Abdullah as Eissa, Raza Hamid as Akbar, Kalthum El Naas as Umm Al Duwais Woman 1, Militzia Radmilovic as Umm Al Duwais, Natachsa Gothi as Mariam

Plot : An Emirati partners go again house cherish a touch off along with determine that their spanking new place has been constituted on a web page that is house to several malevolent beings. |

Country : United Arab Emirates

Filming Locations : Ras Al-Khaimah, United Arab Emirates

Company : Imagenation Abu Dhabi FZ

Plot Summary :

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