Director : Nathyn Masters

Release Date :

Genre : Action, Horror, Sci-Fi

Cast : (in credits order), Nathyn Masters as Victor Locke, Marissa Joy as Sarah Hassan / Fist of God, Leena Kurishingal as Rebecca Hassan, Vahan Artin as Adam Hassan, Anita Nicole Brown as Atraria / Nightevil, Yohanni Liman as Ashen Yu Ben Albovias as Rick Yu, Joseph Canales as Satsu, Chenique Charmaine as Tammy, Laura Cooper as Alana Talbane, Christian Creasy as Arcus Fallen, John Crosthwaite as Frank Stein Industries Agent 2, Jarad Dewing as Alley Thug 1, Heather Dorff as Loren Talbane, Monique Gata Dupree as Lilith (as Monique Dupree), Nate England as Vampire Alliance Member, Matthew L. Farris as Ripper Jack, Latoya Glaves as Female Vampie Alliance Member, Jack Guasta as Fixmaster, Jim Hager as Dr. Jullian Tanner, Jenna Ambien Halvorson as Cassie M. Shelly, Curtis Hopkins as Alley Thug 2, Kevin LaRose as Vampire Alliance Sect Leader, Carissa Lynelle as Fixmasters hottie, Leah MacDonald as Sandra, Cristin McAlister as Jennifer Yu, Dave McNulty as Frank Stein Industries Agent 1 (as David McNulty), Valerie Meachum as Victors Boss, Molly Pan as Siren, Crystal Savage as Vampire Pack Member 1, Savion Smith as Vampire Pack Member 2, Rachel Stubbs as Vampire Pack Leader, David Wilhelm as Damious, Kelsey Zukowski as Hanover Blake

Plot : A ilk of Estrie hunters, join along furthermore a demon pack rat to exterminate a concord of gloomy cults furthermore their demonic companions.

Run Time : USA:90 min

Country : USA

Language : English

Filming Locations : Chicago, Illinois, USA

Company : TimeCode Mechanics

Trivia : Based on modus vivendis fancy the Night Phoenix Press comics Epitaph as nonetheless as the upcoming Victor Locke: Demon Hunter.

Plot Summary : The Defenders of Eden, a grouping of Estrie hunters, converge also a demon searcher to eradicate a unity of mysterious cults also lone goal, to process the universe into shade plus to onset to godhood. As the universe falls also far from light, Chicago becomes a battleground where evil spirits assistance the current to transform flesh plus arrive our world. But whilst the Defenders prophetic boss Rabbi Adam Hassans visions pilot him to Victor Locke, a grown person also the current to struggle these miraculous creatures, the tide can whirl inside their classified war…if he chooses to meet their fight.

The Defenders of Eden, a kind of Estrie hunters, touch along furthermore a demon forager to kill a concord of gloomy cults along furthermore solitary goal, to rule the globe into gloom as at any rate as to onset to godhood. As the globe falls moreover faraway from light, Chicago becomes a battleground where evil spirits good the current to be move into flesh as at any rate as roll in our world. But as the Defenders prophetic head Rabbi Adam Hassans visions conduct him to Victor Locke, a grown man along furthermore the current to bawl these thrilling creatures, the tide might whirl inside their confidential war…if he chooses to converge their fight.

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