Director : John Craddock

Release Date :

Genre : Action, Drama, Horror, Sci-Fi

Cast : (in credits order), Marguerite Sundberg as Brooke, Michael Flores as Max, Mark Chiappone as Stu, Beth Pratt as Karen, Zoe Miller as Steph, Bernard Setaro Clark as Davidson, Jody Pucello as Cooper, Alyssa Coan as Krissy, Vanessa Smith as Kim, Branden Nagle as Chad, Michael Essi as Dykes, Lynette Dixon as Mrs. Brewer Dana Beierle as Sue, J.T. Boone as Yoga Instructor, Christine Tino Dickerson as Zombie Sister, Jack Gargaro as Jack, Ellen Pietrzak as Infected Woman, Andy Piron as Miller, Chris Prior as Mike, William Ralbovsky as Resort Manager, Darian Sundberg as Jack, Jacqueline C. Tucker as Zombie Mother

Plot : The militarys decide to force sip an orbiting satellite unleashes a space-borne epidemic on a remote, trivial town.

Country : USA

Language : English

Company : Germ The Movie

Plot Summary : The militarys arrange to inject drink an orbiting satellite unleashes a space-borne epidemic on a remote, little town. Deputy Max Brody in addition to his lover Brooke must fight their strategy prepared an army of infected townsfolk in addition to military because they war to unless self in addition to their liked ones like a horrible, timely death. When cannibalism is contagious, will also the sturdy survive?

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