Director :

Release Date :

Genre : Horror, Mystery

Cast : (in credits order), Ewelina Lukaszewska as Ewelyn, Pau Mas as Pau, Irene Gonzlez as Irene, Dominik Lukaszewski as Ewelyns Brother Krystyna Grzelak as Grandmother, Miroslaw Grzelak as Uncle

Plot : A duo trip to Poland on the variegated hand assess self bothered by an evil energy as soon as the babe earnings to her household town where she just only occasion played a Ouija board.

Run Time : USA:103 min

Country : Poland | USA | Spain

Language : Polish | English

Filming Locations : Chodecz, Kujawsko-Pomorskie, Poland

Company : Maso Co Productions

Trivia : On sundry of the nighttimes sec on location, sundry of the head undergone actual supernatural phenomena.

Plot Summary : Ewelyn as anyhow as Pau are a mid twenties twosome residing inside the USA. Ewelyn someone a Chritian as anyhow as Pau an atheist. One summer, they trip to Europe, in due course visiting Chodecz, Poland, where the missy was born. At first, stuffs are pouring great; Ewelyn gets to spot her grandmothers as anyhow as relatives, as anyhow as visits the graveyard where her parents are buried. As the week functions by, dilly phenomena starts to occur. The twosome will hold one another threatened, not just at a relationship level, however additionally to anticipation because their lives.

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