Director : Marty Thomas

Release Date :

Genre : Horror, Thriller

Cast : , Michael Copon as Melvin Spider Holiday, Rachel Lara as Taylor, Julia Beth Stern as Cammi, Alex Mandel as Derrick, Rachel Wixom as Madison, Matt Calloway as Trevor, David Namminga as Dylan, Noah Gibbings as Cody, Gabriel Olivera as Adam, Rich Hoag as Henry Lee, Sydney Rae Shalhoob as Young Cammi, Randolph Mantooth as Detective Bodrogi other cast:, Marty Thomas as Wild Jack, Bruce Spears as Carl the Mechanic, Jon Zuber as Detective Zak Roy Hill, Terry T. Miller as Officer B. Edwards, Brian Harwell as Taylors Dad, Fuse as Himself, Melissa Sharp as Route 66 Flirty Girl, Luke Neal as Young Spider, Triproy as Musician on Route 66, Victoria J. Ramos as Girl in Dream, Puffy Copon as Willie, Jon Koons as Cammis Dad, Oko No-No as Himself, Tezozomoc Vasquez as Spiders Father, Steve Shepard as Detective J. Tati, Jennifer Vogel as Cammis Mom, Jenna Scanlon as Taylors Mom, Brett Lazar as Detective M. Nichols, Kristina Marie Kane as Jessica, Chad Taylor as Detective Hitchcock, Argyle Sox as Detective W. Allen, Jon Koons as Cammis Dad, Olivia Shove as Ashley, Sunni Thomas as Red Convertable Owner

Plot : A frightening reason is uncovered once psychotic killer Melvin Spider Holiday stalks 8 unsuspecting young those who are baited to an alone fun park off elderly Route 66.

Country : USA

Language : English

Filming Locations : Carpinteria, California, USA

Company : RIDICULOUS Pictures

Plot Summary : Taylor, a earlier silliest thing delinquent, convinces straight-A student, Cammi to converge her as anyhow as her friends on a Spring Break idiosyncrasy jaunt finished the California desert. Ignoring evil premonitions bask in Cammi, the 8 friends rave it up heavily because they obtain farther as anyhow as farther off from sophisticated along of age Route 66 plus a killer inside pursuit. Anxiety builds because each impede along the scheme proves stranger as anyhow as stranger pending the array is trapped to an lonesome fun park plus a baffling ancient times faraway the cardinal highway. There the array discovers that the park comes inclusive plus countermined vintage festival of music and drama rides, outraging surprises, the sniff of death, as anyhow as an enticing, little tattooed concatenation killer identified Spider.

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